FastCAM Fiber Connectors and Installation Kits

Use in Virtually Any Application Requiring a Fast Data Network


What's special about them?

  • Precision mechanical termination
  • Field proven mechanical splice technology
  • Easy assembly process – no polishing, epoxy curing, proprietary tools, or electrical power needed
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Leviton’s new FastCAM pre-polished connectors and installation kits provide precision mechanical termination of single –mode or multimode fiber. No proprietary tools, epoxy, or time-consuming hand polishing are required.

Part #DescriptionColorPrice
LE-49991-5SCFastCAM SC Multimode 50 μmBlack
Quick Ship
LE-49991-SSCFastCAM SC SinglemodeBlue
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionColorPrice
LE-49991-LLCFastCAM LC Multimode 50 μm LOAqua
Manufacturer Direct
Installation Kits
Part #DescriptionPrice
LE-49800-SMKFastCAM Installation Kit
(for use with FastCAM Multi-mode and Single-mode connectors)
Manufacturer Direct
  • Low insertion loss connection (.2db MM and SM).
  • Multiple configurations available.
  • Singlemode and multimode versions available.
  • Can be reused once.  Made of zirconia ceramic.
  • Easy assembly process-no polishing, epoxy curing, proprietary tools, or electrical power needed
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Single-mode and multimode versions available
  • Precision mechanical termination
  • Meets TIA/EIA 568-B.3 performance requirements and
    TIA/EIA 604-2 (ST), -3(SC), -10A(LC) Connector Intermateability Standards
  • Low insertion loss connection (.2db MM and SM)
  • Connectors are made of zirconia ceramic and can be reused once
  • Uses field proven mechanical splice technology


Strip the buffer, cleave and insert the fiber into the FastCAM connector, release the factory installed wedge clip, and you have immediate, low insertion-loss connection.

FastCAM connectors are available in LC, SC, or ST, Single-mode or Multimode (standard 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm and Laser Optimized 50/125µm configurations terminated on 250 or 900µm buffered fiber.

They can be installed in all types of premise and fiber to the subscriber applications including  fiber to the desk, patch panels, telecommunications closets, direct equipment terminations, repairs, data centers or virtually any application requiring a fast data network.
Not recommended for outside plant use.


FastCAM Installation  Kits

FastCAM Installation Kits contain everything needed for quick and simple installations. They include a cleaver, fiber stripper, and both dry and alcohol moistened cleaning wipes. Just strip the buffer, cleave and insert the fiber into the pre-polished connector, release the factory wedge clip and you have a perfect low insertion loss connection in less than one minute!


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