Build a User-Friendly Network with Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers

By: CableOrganizer®

No matter what industry you're in — or how large or small your company is — there's no denying that a reliable telecommunications network is vital to the way you do business. It may seem like an afterthought, but cable management (or the lack thereof) can make or break your network server's performance. Not only do unmanaged patch cords look bad, they're also highly susceptible to becoming twisted and crushed. Both scenarios prevent data signals from being properly transmitted. Tangled network cables can additionally make troubleshooting and maintenance tasks a nightmare. That’s because problematic cables can become extremely difficult to identify and isolate. This dilemma can greatly increase downtime.

Rack cable management products can help. What are a few of the ones available at CableOrganizer® to help networks operate more efficiently?


panduit open access

The Panduit® Open Access cable managers feature a D-ring cable manager style. These can neatly route and organize patch cords between patch panels, within server racks or enclosures. The D-rings are pre-installed onto mounting panels, which can make set up a breeze. You can affix them to either the front or rear of any standard 19-inch rack. These cable managers are suitable for copper, coax, or fiber optic cables. They were designed with integrated convenient pass-throughs that allow for hassle-free, front-to-rear cable runs, even with side-to-side cable routers. They have a flexible construction and modular design. Open Access cable managers can be configured for your current network or used to accommodate any expansions you may have in the future. They are RoHS-compliant and available in multiple configurations. Some styles additionally include covers that snap on.


blackbox rackmount

This rackmountable raceway has slotted ducts for all your cables. It is designed to be compatible for any distribution rack. There are horizontal and vertical orientations — which are single or double sided — to suit a range of applications. The horizontal ones are constructed in 1U or 2U heights, while the vertical center-mount raceways let you join two racks. Single-sided cable raceways work best in tighter spaces, while double-sided ones allow cables to be routed on the front and rear of a rack. There are punch-outs in the raceway’s back that accommodate cable pass-throughs. Its removable cover facilitates cable changeouts and maintenance.


kendall howard cable manager

These lacing cable managers protect equipment while maintaining a clean and professional look. They can be mounted within any standard 19-inch EIA compliant rack or enclosure cabinet, enabling you to easily organize lengths of cabling to patch panels or network switches. This lacing cable manager can be mounted above, below, or over rackmount devices. These managers reduce strain on cable connection points, while promoting a proper bend radius.



This vertical cable manager can effortlessly handle densely populated racks, to manage cables on the sides of racks or enclosures. It accommodates up to 50 Ethernet cables per side but is built to accept up to 100. This cable manager is already fully assembled and can be installed quickly into racks. It is specifically ideal for those six feet in height or greater (about 40U). The Quest™ ring style cable manager is constructed of a cold rolled steel frame and equipped with durable nylon cable rings for staying power in some of the most challenging network environments, giving IT personnel the ability to insert or take out cables at any point in the run.



It may be a cable manager, but the Panduit® NetRunner™ doesn't stop at patch cord routing and organization — it also promotes airflow to reduce the buildup of heat within server enclosures. This cable manager is built from lightweight, durable, and environmentally safe RoHS-compliant plastic. There is wider finger spacing on both the front and back of the cable manager that allows air to circulate freely. The bend-radius in these fingers aligns with every rack space to transition cables gently between horizontal and vertical runs, while allowing equipment to run cooler and more efficiently. With a height of 45RU (80.4 inches), the NetRunner™ provides excellent cable management and bend radius protection along the entire length of most cabinets. The dual-hinged covers enable network technicians to easily access cables for maintenance.


middle atlantic cable ducts

Patch cords, power cords, and data cables stay neatly organized with optimal airflow within the Middle Atlantic® PCD Series Plastic Cable Ducts. These vertical cable managers have plastic covers that keep wires out of sight and protected from dust and debris. They come with single channels to maximize cable management holding capacity. The flexible fingers can be removed for higher capacity installations. The hinged cover on these ducts provides for easy access to cables for changeouts and maintenance.

Shop at CableOrganizer® today for the full selection of horizontal and vertical rack cable management products.

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