Build a User-Friendly Network with Panduit Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers

color coded and organized patch cables

No matter what industry you're in or how large or small your company is, there's no denying that a reliable telecommunications network is vital to the way you do business. It may seem like an afterthought, but cable management (or the lack thereof) can make or break your network server's performance. Not only do unmanaged patch cords look bad, they're also highly susceptible to becoming twisted and crushed – both of which prevent data signals from being properly transmitted. Tangled network cables can also make troubleshooting and maintenance tasks a nightmare: cables are extremely difficult to identify and isolate, and downtime is greatly increased.

Panduit, a worldwide leader in cable management solutions for over 50 years, recognizes the importance of well-organized network cables, and has developed a variety of horizontal and vertical cable managers to cover just about any rack mount server application:


Panduit® Open-Access Horizontal Cable Managers

When Panduit designed their Open Access cable managers, they had both the future of your network – and your budget – in mind. This D-ring cable manager for server racks and enclosures installs between patch panels to neatly route and organize patch cords. Installation is easy: the D-rings are pre-installed onto mounting panels, so you're saved from any extra assembly, and the managers can be mounted to either the front or rear of any standard 19-inch rack. Panduit's Open Access managers are suitable for copper, coax, or fiber optic cables, so they're ideal for multimedia networks.Panduit has integrated convenient pass-throughs to allow for hassle-free front-to-rear cable runs in conjunction with these side-to-side cable routers. And thanks to their flexible construction and modular design, Open Access cable managers can be configured for your current network, then added onto and rearranged to accommodate any expansions you may have need for in the future. RoHS-compliant for the safety of the user and the environment, Panduit Open Access products are available in multiple configurations, with some styles even featuring snap-on covers.


Panduit® PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Manager

PatchLink cable managers

Not only are Panduit's PatchLink™ Horizontal Cable Managers suited to both copper and fiber patch cords, their unique design with roomier finger spacing also has the ability to accommodate newer, larger, high-performance Cat6 cabling. PatchLink™ rack mount cable managers are lightweight but extremely durable, and feature Panduit's patented dual hinged covers, which allow technicians to easily install, remove, and update cables without actually removing the cover. The Patch-Link™ has smooth, rounded edges that prevent cable snags and abrasion, and comes complete with rack screws for fast installation.


Panduit® NetManager™ High Capacity Horizontal Cable Managers

NetManager cable manager

If high-volume horizontal cable runs within 19-inch server racks and enclosures have left you in need of a large capacity solution, look no further than Panduit’s NetManager™ high capacity cable managers. From generous finger spacing and built-in retainers to rounded edges and patented dual-hinged covers, Panduit NetManagers™ have what it takes for you to easily install and maintain access to larger Cat6 and 10Gb cables while keeping them neat, organized, and protected.


Panduit® Cable Routing Troughs

cable troughs

When it comes to data centers and other medium to high-density networking operations that require rack-to-rack cable pathways, Panduit cable routing troughs provide network administrators with an effortless solution for routing, organizing and protecting cables. With Panduit cable troughs, accessibility is the name of the game; although neatly contained, patch cables are instantly available whenever the need for an update arises. These versatile cable channels are durably constructed of powder-coated steel, and provide consistent 1.3" bend radius support to preserve data integrity when horizontal cable runs are transitioned into vertical pathways.


Panduit® NetRunner™ Vertical Cable Manager

vertical NetRunner cable manager

It may be a cable manager, but the Panduit NetRunner™ doesn't stop at patch cord routing and organization… it also promotes airflow to reduce the buildup of heat within server enclosures. Thanks to the NetRunner's™ wider finger spacing (found on both the front and back of the cable manager), air is able to circulate freely, allowing equipment to run cooler and more efficiently. With a height of 45RU (80.4"), the NetRunner provides excellent cable management and bend radius protection along the entire length of most cabinets. Dual-hinged covers allow network technicians to easily access cable for maintenance, and bend-radius fingers align with every rack space to gently transition cables between horizontal and vertical runs. The NetRunner is built from lightweight, durable, and environmentally safe RoHS-compliant plastic.


Panduit® PatchRunner™ Vertical Cable Manager

PatchRunner rack cable manager

Taking up only half the space of standard rackmount cable management systems, the PatchRunner™ vertical cable manager from Panduit is the perfect solution for protecting and organizing patch cords in overcrowded network server enclosures. Easy to install in any standard 7ft EIA-compliant rack, the PatchRunner™ utilizes an ingenious arrangement of vertically oriented curved cable fingers to provide cables with so much support and bend radius protection that the need for horizontal cable management is actually eliminated. The plastic cable fingers can be removed (without tools) to customize cable pathways, and optional slack management spools can be integrated to manage extra-long lengths of network cable.