Quest™ Ring Style Vertical Rack Cable Manager

The Most Affordable Solution for High Density Network Cable Management


What’s special about these rack cable managers?

  • Mounted directly to your open rack or floor enclosure to organize cables running vertically.
  • Accepts up to 50 Ethernet cables per side, delivering high density coverage for up to 100.
  • Slotted rings allow you to insert or remove cables at any point in the run.
  • Safe and simple; ideal for any rack/enclosure 6 ft or higher (roughly 40U).
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This vertical rack cable manager by Quest easily tackles some of the most densely populated racks with ease, and is made of cold rolled steel and hard nylon for great durability. Just mount one to the sides of each of your racks or enclosures using the included hardware for greater safety, better looks and proper ventilation.

Part # IMG Description Price
QVC-06-050 Vertical Cable Manager - Dual-Sided Rings
Manufacturer Direct
  • Delivered fully assembled with all necessary hardware for faster installation.
  • Cold rolled steel frame with heavy nylon cable rings lasts ages in the harshest IT room environments imaginable.

    Property Value
    Height 67"
    Depth 4"
    Width 2"
    Capacity 50 cables / side
    Ring Material Nylon
    Base Material Cold Rolled Steel, 18 AWG


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