Cool Gadget Roundup: The Top 8 Gifts for Dad

By: CableOrganizer®

Listen up, kids. Father’s Day is coming fast, and it’s time to start thinking about what would really make Dad smile. So put down the goofy tie, walk past that “World’s Best Dad” barbecue apron and shop at CableOrganizer®. We may not lead the pack in greeting card sentiments, but when it comes to gadgets that make dads happy, we’re the experts to turn to. Whether he’s a handyman, loves the outdoors or is into electronics, we have eight great gift suggestions that are creative, useful and sure to get a far better response than last year’s beer-dispensing hat:



Think back to when you were growing up. How many times did you hear phrases like “*#@*^@!!!!” reverberating from the general direction of the garage? It’s a common memory that many of us share, pretty much universally linked to those times when our dads couldn’t find the precise tools they were looking for. Luckily, tools have evolved to the point where we no longer need to own multiple variations of the same basic implement. Case in point: the Autoloader® Multi-Bit Screwdriver, an all-in-one solution that integrates six of the industry’s most commonly used screwdriver bits into a single tool. Thanks to its revolutionary pump-action design, the Autoloader® lets you select and load the bit you need in just seconds. Isn’t it time to end Dad’s hunt for the right screwdriver?


sound meter

Your dad may have good reason to tell you to keep the noise levels down. The BK Precision® Class 2 Sound Level Meter is perfect for a dad who has a career as a technician monitoring noise pollution or is just interested in a maintaining a quieter home environment. It measures decibel levels of different areas in a house, garage, office and other locations instantly. It comes with software that keeps track of the sound levels indoors and out.


heat shrink kit

What do you get for a dad who is more into custom cars and computers than tools and home improvement? Heat shrink, of course. While it may not sound like the most exciting gift for a gadget guy, heatshrink tubing can be a lot of fun to use. It is also incredibly useful for small repairs and wire insulation. It becomes an extra-interesting gift when accompanied by a heat gun. We suggest covering all the bases with one of our heat shrink tubing kits. These compact, compartmentalized cases are filled with heatshrink in assorted sizes and colors. Dad is sure to have the right type on hand for whatever need may arise.


label printer

Do you have a dad who likes keeping organized? A label printer can help him in whatever project he tackles, whether it is marking wires behind his entertainment system, cabinets in his workshop or electronics in his office. CableOrganizer® has label printers at all technological levels and budgets, from the simple embosser type, to label makers that perform basic functions, to handheld intuitive models with their own carrying cases.



Would you like to purchase your dad a multitasking gadget? The Klein Tools® Lighted Torpedo Billet Level could be that perfect gift. It is equipped with LED, high-definition lighting with an auto shut-off to conserve its battery. It features rare earth magnets that powerfully stay attached to any metal surface. The level comes in a professional-grade, high-visibility aluminum body that Dad can easily find wherever he is working with it.


reviere wireless charger

Dad can keep the look of his desk streamlined and cord clutter reduced with the Reverie™ Desktop Wireless Charger from WireRun®. He can simply place his phone or other Qi-compatible device on this charging pad and the device will charge with up to 2A of charging power, in a wireless way. As his device charges, the rim changes to a “breathing” blue, to signify it is charging. This stylish charging station is available in black, silver, or rose, and comes with both a charging base and USB cord.


tool tote

Now that you’ve gotten gadget gifts for dad, why not get him some place to safely keep them? When it comes to tool bags, one can never have too many pockets. The Klein Tools® 17-Pocket Tool Tote is a perfect place to keep the gadgets you’ve just purchased for your dad. It is a gadget itself, with seven interior and 10 exterior pockets. This bag is made of a sturdy denier polyester and has a shoulder strap with a molded bottom to prevent moisture absorption where it sits. Speaking of gadgets, it is equipped with a heavy-duty chain that keeps keys and other items secure.



If your dad likes tinkering with wires to build onto his man cave’s home theater or audio system, this is the ideal gift. The XSpot™ Prewire Locator System prevents your dad from making unnecessary holes in the sheetrock — and future drywall repairs — by locating wires within a quarter-inch. The system harnesses the power of reverse polarity to locate magnetic fields for wiring.

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