LSDI Grabbit™ Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

If You can Reach it, You can Grabbit!


What's special about this electrical cable fishing tool?

  • The patented Z-tip will grab or push wires safely and without damage
  • Available in 12 and 18 foot telescoping models  for close or long-range cable fishing
  • Includes snap on LED light to help navigate or fish wires in dark areas
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LSDI Grabbit™ series of telescoping poles are made from lightweight, non-conductive, shockproof fiberglass. Both Grabbit models use friction locking joints to keep the pole at your desired length, and utilize LSDI’s patented Z-tip for the easy grabbing or pushing of wires.

Grabit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles
Part #Extended LengthCollapsed LengthWeightPrice
LSDI-GR1212'55"'3 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
LSDI-GR1818'58"5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Accessories and Replacement Part
Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
LSDI-JTIPJ-Tip Male Threaded Connector Tip0.040 lb
Quick Ship
LSDI-GR12-1Grabbit Replacement Section (smallest section)0.165 lb
Manufacturer Direct
LSDI-GRLGrabbit Mini Flashlight 2-Pack0.090 lb
Manufacturer Direct

The inner “V” of the Z-Tip has a double knife edge, designed to grab the wire’s insulation without cutting or damaging the metal conductors, while the outer V (without knife edge) is designed to push a wire loop.

  • LSDI-GR12 uses three telescoping sections that extend to 12 feet, and, when collapsed, is just under 55"
  • LSDI-GR18 uses five telescoping sections that extend to 18 feet, and, when collapsed, is just under 58"
  • Designed to function in both residential and commercial installations, the Grabbit makes running or fishing cables/wires through attics or crawlspaces bearable again by letting you limit your time in hot stuffy spaces while avoiding the unpleasantries of bugs, dust, nails, or other lurking hazards
  • Lightweight but durable construction helps reduce the fatigue and strain caused from long pulls without sacrificing quality
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty


Part # Extended Length Collapsed Length Weight
LSDI-GR12 12' 55"' 3 lbs
LSDI-GR18 18' 58" 5 lbs



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