Mille-Rod Non-Conductive Push Pull Rod Set

The Perfect Combination of Function and Economy


What's special about this push pull rod kit?

  • Constructed of non-conductive material makes this kit useful in many applications, and reduces the risk of arc flash.
  • Highly flexible polymer material can bend around corners and turns without breaking.
  • Kit comes in 7ft or 14ft lengths with a variety of commonly used attachments to ease installation.
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Millepede Mille-Rod non-conductive push pull rod set is ideal for use by the home user or anyone who needs a simple and easy to use cable installation tool. The plastic rods are economically priced for the hobbyist, yet sturdy enough to be used by a professional.

Part # Description Contents Weight Price
MP-PLMR-700-6-US Millepede 7ft Mille-Rod Plastic Push Pull Rod Set (2) 14" Black Rods, (2) 14" Round Red Rods, (2) 14" Flat Red Rods, (5) Attachments * 0.28 lb
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MP-PLMR-1400-13-US Millepede 14ft Mille-Rod Plastic Push Pull Rod Set (5) 14" Black Rods, (6) 14" Round Red Rods, (2) 14" Flat Red Rods, (5) Attachments * 0.53 lb
Manufacturer Direct

* Attachments: (1) Gender Changer, (1) Round Eye, (1) Square Eye, (1) Hook, (1) Dome Bullet

  • Does not contribute to the EMI/RFI that can be caused by using metal installation tools.
  • Material will not rust or corrode, and will last for years to come.
  • Tread size of 1/4" x 20 can be used in conjunction with Professional Mille-Rods
  • Smooth polymer and low profile design to reduce snagging and make running cables easier.
  • Lifetime guarantee to protect your investment

    Each Kit Includes:

  • Includes 3 different types of rods to suit just about any application
  • Black rods: very stiff sturdy construction of glass-reinforced nylon.
  • Round Red Rods: constructed of semi-flexible polycarbonate for light bends.
  • Flat Red Rods: very flexible polycarbonate for going around sharp corners and bends.
  • (1) Dome Bullet attachment
  • (1) Gender Changer
  • (1) Round Eye
  • (1) Square Eye
  • (1) Hook


    These Mille-Rod Polymer rods are designed to not only be flexible and strong, but also for dependability and durability for many years to come. As such, they are backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Manufacturer’s Replacement Guarantee. Should your Mille-Rod polymer rod or attachment break, or not function as desired, simply send back the defective parts along with shipping and handling* costs, and a brand new replacement will be sent to you in exchange.

    *Postage & Handling: $1.50 per item
    Postage & Handling: Euro: € 1.00 (per item) UK: £1.00 (per item)
    Call 1-833-3CABLEORG (1-833-322-2536), and we’ll provide you with address for product returns

    14" Black Rigid Rods - Glass Reinforced Natural Nylon 6.6 Heat Stabilized

    Physical Properties Unit Test Method Values
    Density g/m3< ASTM-D792 1.58
    Mechanical Properties Unit Test Method Values
    Tensile Yield Strength MPa ASTM-D638 265
    Tensile Modulus MPa ASTM-D790 17200
    Elongation at Break % ASTM-D638 1.9
    Flexural Strength MPa ASTM-D790 420
    Flexural Modulus MPa ASTM-D790 15500
    Notched Izod Impact Strength +25° C j/m ASTM-D256 450
    Thermal Properties Unit Test Method Values
    HDT at Load 1.8 Mpa °C ASTM-D648 253


    14" Red Rods - Polycarbonate Resin

    Properties Test Method Terms Units S-3000
    Low Viscosity
    Physical Properties
    Density ISO 1183   g/cm³ 1.2
    Water Absorption - 23°C, Underwater % 0.24
    Rhealogical Properties
    Melt Mass-flow Rate ISO 1133 - g/10min 16
    Melt Volume-flow Rate - cm³/10min 16
    Temperature °C 300
    Load kg 1.2
    Moulding shrinkage (3.2mmt) - MD % 0.5 - 0.7
    TD 0.5 - 0.7
    Mechanical Properties
    Tensile Modulus ISO 527-1, 527-2 - MPa 2400
    Yield Stress 62
    Yield Strain % 6.7
    Nominal Strain at break 119
    Stress at 50% Strain MPa -
    Stress at Break -
    Strain at Break % -
    Flexural Strength ISO 178 - MPa 94
    Flexural Modulus 2300
    Charpy Impact Strength ISO 179-1, 179-2 23°C kJ/m² NB
    Charpy Notched Impact Strength 23°C kJ/m² 67
    Melting Temperature ISO 11357-3   °C -
    Glass Transition Temperature ISO 11357-2   °C -
    Temperature of Deflection under Load ISO 75-1, 75-2 1.80MPa °C 124
    0.45MPa 139
    Vicat Softening Temperature ISO 306 - °C -
    Coefficient Of Linear Thermal Expansion ISO 11359-2 MD 1/°C 6.5E-07
    TD 6.6E-07
      UL 94 - - -
    Flammability UL94 0.8mmt - -
    Flammability UL94 1.6mmt - -
    Electrical Properties
    Relative Permittivity IEC 60250 100Hz - 3.1
    1MHz - 3.1
    Dissipation Factor IEC 60250 100Hz - 0.0006
    1MHz - 0.0090
    Volume Resistivity IEC 60093 - ohm-m 3E+14
    Surface Resistivity IEC 60093 - ohm 6E+15
    Electric Strength IEC 60243 1mmt MV/m 31
    2mmt -
    3mmt 18
    Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112 - - 275
    Approvals - - - FDA Approved


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