Millepede™ Mille-Ties™

The Safe, Gentle, Reliable and Reusable Cable Tie


What's special about these cable ties?

  • Unique, intelligent design gently wraps around contoured or uneven surfaces to provide a safe and secure cable management solution for delicate fiber optic or CAT6 cables.
  • No-crush technology, with "intelligent grip" allows the pressure-sensitive latch to slip when too much force is applied, helping to eliminate cable compression, which can lead to a deduction in system performance.
  • Cost effective, reusable construction saves installers money and time, because it allows cables to be inserted into (or removed from) a bundle at any time, without requiring the use of a new cable tie.
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The award-winning Mille-Tie provides users and professional installers with a wide array of benefits for safely bundling cables, plant life, or other delicate products. These unique cable ties are made from special soft polymers, which eliminates the sharp edges that can be damaging to you or the materials you're trying to secure. Every 12" Mille-Tie can yield 3 to 4 ties with no waste, making them a reusable and far more eco-friendly solution than standard cable ties.

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Part # Length Width Thickness Weight Qty Price / Pack
CTMIL-ST100-BK 12 in. (305mm) 0.35 in. (9.0mm) 0.04 in. (1.0mm) 0.5 lb 100 per pack
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  • Constructed from high-grade polyurethane material with 33 cells on every strip, any of which can be used for forming loops.
  • Great for delicate application such as plants, hoses, and landscaping, while providing up to 3X the uses of conventional zip ties.
  • Highly-flexible material can be spiraled and secured around long bundles for a strong cable management solution, with one Mille-Tie accomplishing an end result that would normally require multiple cable ties.
  • Unique, eco-friendly design allows one strip to easily split into multiple reusable ties, with no waste.
  • Soft edging is gentle on the installers' hands and material, unlike standard ties that can easily cut into soft surfaces or inflict injury with their sharp, trimmed edges.
  • Simple-to-use 12" strips are great for temporary as well as permanent bindings, while saving the user up to ½ the installation time when compared to similar products.
  • Also available in Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Heavy Duty and Plenum (UL1565) varieties
  • UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • UL94 class HB flammability rating
  • Meets EIA/TIA standards for safe use in datacom applications



    Millie-Tie can be trimmed

    Every Mille-Tie strip consists of 33 cells, any of which can be used for forming loops. By working forward from the rear, each Mille-Tie strip can yield 3 or 4 ties with little or no waste.






    Multiple binding

    Alternatively, just loop the Mille-Tie around the next bundle. This technique lets you space and separate cables for easier identification & maintenance.






    millie-tie can be releasable

    Mille-Tie can also be re-threaded to release the strip:
    Simply reinsert the tongue and pull the residual strip back through. Mille-Tie can also be left primed for quick-release by pulling only part-way.





    Millie-tie can be wound

    The soft & flexible nature of Mille-Tie allows for some creative cable management, and long bundles can easily be contained by winding the Mille-Tie around them. (Tip: join strips together for longer runs.)






    millie-tie can grip vertically

    Unlike cable ties or hook & loop straps, the Mille-Tie provides the optimum level of grip - not too tight, and not too loose.






    millie-tie has no sharp edges

    By using only soft, performance polymers, Mille-Ties are far safer than the traditional hard nylon cable tie. Mille-Ties are easy to cut for reuse, and leave behind no dangerous sharp edges like cables ties can.




    Physical Properties
    Nominal Moulded Length: 305mm (12")
    Width: 9.0mm (0.35")
    Thickness: 1.3mm (0.05")
    Apertures: 33 (1 per 8mm (0.35") apx.)
    Maximum Bundle Size (basic strip): > 75mm (3") diameter
    Maximum Bundle Size (when stretched before use): > 110mm (4.5") diameter
    Minimum Bundle Size: < 5mm (0.2") diameter
    Uses Per Strip @ 10mm (0.4”) Diameter: 6 approx
    Material Properties
    Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer
    Density: 1220Kg/m³
    Tensile and Tear Strength: High
    Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
    Elasticity and Resilience: High
    Resistance to Fuels and Oils: Excellent
    Mechanical Properties
    Flexural Modulus: 124.1MPa (180,000 PSI)
    Taper Abrasion H-18 Wheel, 1000g (1.1lb) Load: 50mg (1/560 Oz) Loss [1000 cycles]
    Material Tensile Strength: 4.14MPa (6,000 PSI)
    Maximum Mille-Tie Loop Strength: >10kg (22lb) [Using a secure latch]
    Thermal Properties
    Low Temperature Brittle Point: <-68° C (-90° F)
    Deflection Temperature Under Load: 59° C (139° F) [4.55kPa (66 PSI)]
    Recommended Service Temperature Range [no load]: -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to 140° F)
    Short Temp Peak Temperature Range [no load]: -30° C to +80° C (-22° F to 176° F)
    Vicat Softening Temperature: Rate A, 168° C (334° F)
    Flammability UL94 Flame Class: 1.5mm (0.06") Thickness, Class HB
    UV Properties: Very Good
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