Rack-a-Tiers Pipe Spring Bender

Use Your Knee to Bend PVC Quickly and Easily ... Really!


What's special about this bender?

  • Quick and easy bends - all you need is the spring, your knee, and a little brute force
  • Able to cold bend rigid (schedule 40) PVC pipe without fear of the pipe breaking, fracturing, kinking or collapsing
  • No need for heat guns or heat blankets and definitely reduces the number of PVC fittings you need to carry around
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No more need for the heat gun, glue gun, or anything else besides your knee when you use the Pipe Spring Bender. This tool allows you to cold bend schedule 40 PVC pipe and conduit with no distortion to the integrity and inside diameter of the pipe. This means you save on installation and materials expenses.

Part #TypeDimensionsWeightPrice
RAT-58050Rack-a-Tiers Pipe Spring Bender - 1/2"1/2" diameter36" L
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RAT-58100Rack-a-Tiers Pipe Spring Bender - 1"1" diameter36" L
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NOTE: Pipe should be 60° F or warmer.

The Pipe Spring Bender is designed to be used over and over for years of service. Flexible and strong, the springs are inserted into the pipe to give support to the pipe walls during manual bending. The diameters of the springs are only slightly less than the internal diameter of the pipe to be bent.

  • Faster and easier than having to cut and/or glue the fittings from the factory
  • No need for elbows or angled fittings, just bend and go
  • Maintains the inner diameter of the pipe so there are no issues when trying to run cable through
  • Save time and money with this cost efficient bender system
  • Lightweight, anti-corrosive and so easy to use – this is one tool you need to keep with you always
  • Available in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1" diameter sizes
  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty


Perfect for electricians, plumbers, data & telecom installers and anyone who works with schedule 40 PVC pipe/conduit.

Part # RAT-58050 RAT-58100
Spring Diameter 1/2" 1"
Spring Length 36" 36"
Weight 1.0 lb 2.0 lbs
Applications Electricians, plumbers, data and telecom installers and anyone who works with schedule 40 PVC pipe/conduit.

How to Use -

To keep your spring from getting lost inside of the pipe, tie a piece of cord to the end of the spring long enough to hang out of the end. Place the spring inside the pipe at the location of the bend. If necessary, lubricate the spring with a little petroleum jelly. If the spring still will not slide in, perhaps consider a different size spring.

Once the spring is in place, begin to bend the pipe to the appropriate angle by gently pulling both ends around your knee. Be sure to avoid bending it too far, although going a bit past the desired angle is recommended. Keep in mind that even with a spring inside, excessive bending will cause the pipe wall to collapse. Once you are satisfied, pull the spring out using the cord.

NOTE: Pipe should be 60° F or warmer.




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