GREENLEE 855GX Smart Bender™ for 1/2" - 2" EMT, IMC and Rigid conduit (Includes Standard Pendant)

The 855GX Smart Bender is the fastest route to programmable, precision bending ever!

855GX Smart Bender™ - GL-855GX


What's special about this bender from Greenlee?

  • Extraordinary operator convenience, one person can handle 10’ bend of heavy conduit
  • Adjustable pads mean you can use on uneven, rough surfaces
  • Bends 1/2" to 2" conduit without having to change shoes
  • Squeeze adjustment to compensate for variations in EMT conduit
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The Greenlee Smart Bender 855GX has amazing operator convenience plus rugged digital control. It is the only bender that can program its bends for precision bending. One person is able to handle a 10’ bending job of heavy conduit.

Part #DescriptionColorPrice
GL-855GXSmart Bender™ for 1/2" EMT, IMC, and Rigid ConduitGreen
Manufacturer Direct
Part #DescriptionColorPrice
GL-0170040 MIL PVC Coated Rigid Shoe Group, 1/2" - 2"Green
Manufacturer Direct
GL-01711Deluxe PendantGreen
Manufacturer Direct
GL-38780Shoe Unit, 1/2" - 1-1/4" Replacement for Smart Bender 855GXGreen
Manufacturer Direct
GL-38148Shoe Unit, 1-1/2" - 2" Replacement for Smart Bender 855GXGreen
Manufacturer Direct
GL-38962Vinyl Rain Cover Accessory for Smart Bender 855GXGreen
Manufacturer Direct

The 855GX can be used vertically or as a table top position. In addition it has adjustable pads for leveling so rough terrain is no problem. The quad benders were introduced to eliminate the need for shoe change outs and eliminates loose bender parts.

  • Rugged digital control
  • No loose parts
  • Fast precision bending
  • Advanced digital pendant control
  • Patented roller system
  • Easy to set up, operate and maneuver
  • Can be used in tabletop and upright positions
  • Head pivots and bends
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • Capacity: 1/2" - 2" EMT, IMC, Rigid Aluminum conduit
  • Power Source: 120 VAC; 20 Amp
  • UL 95R7
  • ISO rated
  • Weight: 510 lbs. (231.3 kg)


Learn more about Greenlee Benders (Benders Manual) (PDF) PDF


Instruction Manual

Service Manual




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