MGC-4050A MG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser

Keeps Your Connectors, Tools, Work Benches and More Clean


What's special about this cleaner?

  • Removes dirt, soil, flux, oil, ink, grease, and organic residue from a wide variety or materials around your work site
  • Easily cleans your pc boards, tools, workbenches, connectors, relays and semi-conductors with just a spray so you save time
  • Comes in an easy to carry aerosol can that dispenses conveniently when you need it
  • Low toxicity cleaner and degreaser is safe on plastics and won't damage most surfaces
  • One year manufacturer warranty
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RoHS Compliant

MGC-4050A MG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser is a highly flammable, low toxicity wash which is an excellent choice if you need to remove oil, grease, dirt, smoke, solder flux f rom office and medical equipment, connectors, workbenches, relays, just about anything.

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
MGC-4050A-450GMG Chemicals Safety Wash II Cleaner Degreaser1.4 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • Formulation of isohexane, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol and ethyl acetate
  • Aggressive cleaner is an excellent addition to any tool kit

*Flammable, so this should not be used on live circuits

Size : 16 oz can
Weight : 1.4 lbs
Toxicity : Low
Flammable : Yes
Plastic Safe : Yes
Conductive : Yes
Dry Time : Medium
Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State : Aerosol
Odor : Ethereal
Solubility : Miscible
Evaporation Rate : 1.5 (Ether = 1)
Specific Gravity : 0.85
Vapor Pressure : 48 PSI @ 21°C
Vapor Density : 1.6 (Air = 1)
pH : 7
Stability and Reactivity
Stability : Stable at normal temperatures and pressures
Conditions to Avoid : Temperatures over 40°C, ignition sources, and incompatible substances
Incompatibilities : Alkali and alkaline earth metals; powdered aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and beryllium; acids,
acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and oxidants (such as
bromine, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide)
Polymerization : Will not occur
Decomposition : Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, acrid smoke, halogens, halogen acids, possibly carbonyl halides
Exposure Controls :
Routes of Entry : Eyes, ingestion, inhalation, and skin
Ventilation : Use adequate general or local exhaust ventilation to keep airborne concentrations below exposure
Personal Protection : Wear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles. Wear appropriate protective
clothing to prevent skin contact. Use a NIOSH approved respirator when necessary
Fire Fighting Measures
Flash Point : -29°C
LEL / UEL : 3 / 13
General Information : Will burn if involved in a fire. Containers may explode in the heat of a fire. Highly
flammable vapors are heavier than air and may accumulate in low areas. Flash back
along vapor trail is possible
Hazards Identification
WHMIS Codes : A, B5, D2B
NFPA Ratings : Health 1, Flammability 3, Reactivity 0
HMIS Ratings : Health 1, Flammability 4, Reactivity 0
Eyes : May cause eye irritation, characterized by a burning sensation, redness, tearing,
inflammation, and possible corneal injury
Skin : May cause skin irritation with pain and stinging, especially if skin is abraded
Inhalation : May cause respiratory tract irritation. Inhalation of high concentrations may cause
central nervous system effects characterized by headache, dizziness, and
Ingestion : Harmful if swallowed. May cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting, and
diarrhea. May cause central nervous system depression
Chronic : Long term intensive exposure may cause liver or kidney damage




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