Structured Media Center

Organize and simplify your media set-ups and home or small office networks with our selection of structured media enclosures, panels, and home command centers. Create a central distribution point for your various Cat & coaxial cables and keep all your voice and data equipment networked: phone, internet, cable, fax, and more. We also stock accessories for your structured media centers, including modules, splitters, brackets and shelves.

Set Things Up Right With a Structured Media Center

Whether you are at home or at the office, if you work with a network, things can get messy fast. Luckily, you can save yourself time by organizing your network with a structured media center. If you think about anything that requires a lot of cables, there always needs to be a central distribution point. From cars and airplanes to concert halls and home movie theaters, there has to be a central command station where everything is located for easy access.

A structured media center is comprised of a number of different things. At, we have plenty of products for you to choose from to fit your needs. From enclosures to splitter modules and panels we will help you build the perfect "home base" for your media needs.

Having one central command station is great because you can still control multiple outlets throughout your home. For example, with the Passive Video Splitter Module, you can control your whole home by distributing quality cable TV and off-air antenna signals to up to six television sets. It is compatible with digital, standard, and other cable/video services for a large range of installation needs. It is also fast and simple to install.

Installing media enclosures simplifies the cable running process and allows you to manage media equipment much more efficiently. An enclosure serves as the central distribution point for your home or office. It can be mounted on a surface or recess-mounted to best suit your needs. It is an overall cost-effective way to manage your network.

When it comes to panels, think about them as a way to meet all of your communications, networking, and television needs. They can be used alone or in combination with other panels and enclosures to complete your communication and multimedia center.
No matter if you are a professional or someone who wants their in-home set up to look like a professional did it, we have you covered.