Gigabit Media Converter


What's special about this media converter?

  • Complies with IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX Standard
  • SC type connector
  • Four DIP switches
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Our single and multi-mode Gigabit Media Converters have been specifically engineered to offer network designers a solution for migrating from copper-based to fiber Gigabit. Now, migration or expansion of existing networks can be achieved simply, with minimal cost and effort.

Part # Description Dimensions Price
IT-MC-1000SC-MM Multimode Gigabit Media Converter 3.38" W x 5.25" D x 1.14" H
IT-MC-1000SC-SM Singlemode Gigabit Media Converter 3.38" W x 5.25" D x 1.14" H
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X support RJ-45
  • Auto polarity correction RJ-45 port
  • Local and remote loop back test for first time installation and troubleshooting
  • Low power consumption
  • Extend distances up to 500m for multi-mode SX
    Fiber: 220 meters (multi-mode SX 62.5/125µm)
    500 meters (multi-mode SX 50/125µm)
  • LX (80km w/ long haul single mode) under full-duplex mode
  • Compatible with other Gigabit 1000Base-T/SX/LX devices
  • Status LEDs for easy monitoring of device status
  • External and internal power supply options
  • FCC Class A and CE Approved

    Benefits :

  • Expands the size of an existing network - provides fiber connectivity to Gigabit segments for even further networking expansion between extended workgroups. The converter also provides building-to-building connectivity, without the need to employ expensive MIS intensive routers.
  • Enhances the distance between networking devices
  • Connecting our Gigabit Media Converter to fiber segments can further extend distances of up to 80 km between networking nodes.
  • Loop back test can be enabled via a DIP switch remote or local loop back to instantly determine status of the cable connection.
  • Support Nway - The converter supports auto negotiation to eliminate the need to manually configure or monitor the settings ensuring plug and play operability.
  • Cabling flexibility - Allows network managers to put fiber anywhere within a network without changing the arrangement of copper based Gigabit. The compact converter is easily deployed in any small desktop location or wall mount installation.
  • Several converters can also be simultaneously installed in a rack mount chassis.
  • Lifetime System Warranty

    The converters are completely transparent when installed, so a network enhanced with one performs in exactly the same way as it always has, but with the added ability to migrate between copper and fiber. The converters feature remote and local loop-back testing capabilities, as well as auto-negotiation for total reliability. In addition, four DIP switches - for the manual activation of enhanced features - allow the converter to quickly integrate into a network configuration.

    Available in both single-mode and multi-mode.

    Part # IT-MC-1000SC-MM IT-MC-1000SC-SM
    Fiber Optic Data
    Cable Type 62.5/125
    Connector Type SC SC
    Wavelength 850nm 1310nm
    Min. TX PWR -9.5dBm -9.5dBm
    Max. TX PWR -4dBm -3dBm
    RX Sens. -12.5dBm -20dBm
    Min. PWR Budget 3 dB 10.5 dB
    Max. PWR Budget 8.5 dB 17 dB
    Typical Distance 500m 10Km
    Standard IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T & 802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX
    Connector 1x shielded RJ-45, 1x SC 1x shielded RJ-45, 1x SC
    Max Distance UTP : 100 meters (CAT5)
    Fiber : 200 meters (multi-mode SX 62.5/125 µm)
              500 meters (multi-mode SX 50/125 µm)
              10Km (single mode LX 9/125)
              80Km (long haul single mode LX 9/125)
    Unit LED PWR : illuminated for normal operation
    FD : illuminated when copper port operating in full-duplex mode
    LNK : illuminated when receiving link pulses from compliant devices
    RCV : illuminated or flashing when data packets are being received
    MDI/MDI-X Auto selection
    Power Voltage : AC voltage to 12V DC 0.8A power adapter
    Frequency 47Hz to 63Hz
    Temperature Operating : 0° to 50° C [32° to 122° F]
    Stoage : -20° to 70° C [-4° to 158° F]
    Humidity Operating : 10% to 80% RH
    Storage : 5% to 90% RH
    Emissions FCC Part 15 of Class A & CE approved
    Dimensions 4.3" L x 2.9" W x 0.9" H
    [109.2mm x 73.8mm x 23.4mm]
    Weight 0.35 lb [160g]
    Switches DIP 1 - LLBK: Tx port local loop back Enable or Disable (On: Enable - Off: Disable)
    DIP 2 - RLBK: Fiber port remote loop back Enable or Disable (On: Enable - Off: Disable)
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