Altinex® VGA & Analog Audio to HDMI Converter

A Complete Solution for Making Use of All Available Equipment


What's special about this media converter?

  • Converts VGA video and analog stereo to HDMI format.
  • May be powered by the signal from the VGA cable or the included USB power cable if needed.
  • Includes VGA extension cable, USB power cable, and mounting hardware for fast setup.
  • Ideal for using analog equipment for digital displays, such as viewing your laptop on an LCD television or HD projector.

Despite the great increase in the use of newer digital equipment, analog formats are still very much alive and well. This analog audio/video to HDMI converter does the much needed service of bridging the gap between these two formats. Now you can connect your laptop to an LED/LCD television or HD projector, attach a portable device to a digital receiver, and a slew of other analog to HDMI applications.

Part # Description Price
ALX-VP500-101 Altinex VGA to HDMI Convertor
Manufacturer Direct
Resolution Support (RGBHV) 640x480 (60Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
720x400 (70Hz)
800x600 (60Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
1024x768 (60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
1152x864 (75Hz)
1280x720 (60Hz)
1280x768 (60Hz,75Hz, 85Hz)
1280x800 (60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz)
1280x900 (60Hz)
1280x1024 (60Hz, 75Hz)
1360x768 (60Hz)
1400x1050 (60Hz)
1440x900 (60Hz)
1600x1200 (60Hz)
1680x1050 (60Hz)
1920x1080 (60Hz)
1920x1200 (60Hz)
Video Input (1) 15-pin HD Male
Audio Input (1) 1/8" Stereo
Audio/Video Output (1) HDMI Female
Power (1) 5V USB Mini Type-B Female
400 mA, 2.0 W max. at 1920x1200
Operating Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Maximum Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 20-90% non-condensing
MTBF 38,000 hrs
Analog Video (RGB) 1.0 Vp-p max.
Horizontal & Vertical Sync TTL
Dimensions 2.8" W x 0.8" Hx 1.8" D
Weight 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
Material Aluminum


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