E-Z Compact 600 Series Wall Mount Enclosure - Quest

Compact, Portable, Space Saving Solution


What's special about this portable wall mount cabinet?

  • Unique design is shipped unassembled in a compact, easy-to-carry box, which takes up less storage space, and makes it easier to ship and transport to the jobsite.
  • All-in-one solution includes EIA compliant cage nut rails for #12-24 mounting screws, all mounting hardware, and 1 pre-installed 80 CFM fan.
  • Assembled in only 10 minutes, and can be installed and mounted by one person to save on time and labor costs.
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Almost every network installer and/or contractor uses wall mount enclosures on a regular basis. One problem is having them readily available when needed. Now there is no more worrying about how and when your enclosure will arrive. Simply purchase the E-Z 600 in advance, store it in a small place, and transport it yourself to the job site to save time and eliminate the need to wait on materials.

Part # IMG Ru Format Internal Depth Load Capacity Shipping Weight Color Price
QEZ19-07 7 19" 15" 45 lbs 37 lbs Black
QEZ19-09 9 19" 15" 65 lbs 40 lbs Black
QEZ19-11 11 19" 15" 85 lbs 47 lbs Black

Looking for a pre-built compact enclosure?

  • Pre-manufactured vents along the top and front to provide passive air flow and ventilation for heat-producing devices.
  • Lockable front door can be mounted on either side, allowing the door to swing whichever way is more convenient, based on the application.
  • Smoked glass front door allows essential visual monitoring of your equipment.
  • Cut-outs on top and bottom panels for inbound and outbound cabling.
  • Pre-cut mounting holes on the back panel allow you to precisely measure and mount standard EIA compliant 19" rails for equipment such as patch panels, network switches, routers, and power distribution units.

      EZ19-07 EZ19-09 EZ19-11
    Format 19" 19" 19"
    RU 7 9 11
    Load Capacity 45 lbs 65 lbs 85 lbs
    Metal Gauge
    Rear Panel 16 AWG 16 AWG 16 AWG
    Top Panel 18 AWG 18 AWG 18 AWG
    Bottom Panel 18 AWG 18 AWG 18 AWG
    Side Panels 18 AWG 18 AWG 18 AWG
    Front Door 20 AWG 20 AWG 20 AWG
    Overall Dimensions
    Height 15" 18" 22"
    Width 20.5" 20.5" 20.5"
    Depth 20" 20" 20"
    Internal Dimensions
    Height 12.25" 15.75" 19.25"
    Width 19" 19" 19"
    Depth 15" 15" 15"
    Package Dimensions
    Height 4.5" 4.5" 4.5"
    Width 23" 23" 23"
    Depth 22.5" 22.5" 22.5"
    Shipping Weight 34 lbs 36 lbs 38 lbs


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