Quiet Cool Cabinet Cooler

Removes Heat Buildup for Longer Equipment Life


What's special about this cabinet exhaust fan?

  • Safely and efficiently exhausts unwanted heat buildup in your home theater entertainment center, to help extend component life and maintain optimum performance levels.
  • Fan operates at a quiet 24 dB to ensure that your movie, gaming, or music entertainment experience is not interrupted or ruined by humming and vibration.
  • Automatically activates at 87° F (31°C) when temperatures are close to reaching damaging levels, and shuts off at 85°F (29°C) to minimize dust and operation cost, while helping to extend the life of the fan .
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Middle Atlantic Quiet-Cool Series Cabinet Exhaust Fan is a quiet and efficient cooling solution for today's hardworking home theater and entertainment equipment. This single-fan cabinet cooler easily installs in the rear of your entertainment center or equipment cabinet to pull out hot air generated by your cable/satellite box, receiver, DVD/Blu-Ray player, game consoles, and other electronic components, which, if left to overheat, can be damaged in the long run.

Part # Description Weight Price
MA-CAB-COOL QuietCool Series Cabinet Cooler 20 CFM, 120V 1.3 lbs. / 0.59 kg
Manufacturer Direct
  • Stylish faceplate complements existing equipment, and can easily be painted to match the aesthetics of the cabinet or surrounding décor.
  • Low profile design requires minimal space between the entertainment center and the wall.
  • Inline fan control included for manual ON and OFF operation.
  • Less than 3" deep, so it won't interfere with equipment and cable management inside the cabinet.
  • Single-fan design quickly and quietly moves 20 CFM of air.


  • Quiet-Cool Cabinet Cooler Dimension Drawings (PDF) PDF

    Part # MA-CAB-COOL
    Power Requirements: 12VDC @ 100mA
    Airflow: 20 CFM
    Noise (from one meter): 24 dBA
    Voltage: 120V
    Dimensions: 5.25" (133mm) Wide
    4.50" (114mm) High
    3.07" (78mm) Deep
    Rear Dimensions: 3.15" (80mm) Wide
    3.15" (80mm) High




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    Questions & Answers


    Does the Middle Atlantic cabinet cooler (MA-CAB-COOL) include a 12VDC power supply to convert 110VAC to DC?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 07.30 PM Wednesday, 18 January, 2017

    • - This item does include a UL Listed 12V DC power supply. Feel free to give us a call at 866-222-0030 if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.

      Anonymous user on 10.42 AM Tuesday, 07 February, 2017

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