Middle Atlantic Individual Fans

Quality Fans to Cool Your Racks or Enclosures


What's special about these fans?

  • Single rack fans, easy to install to cool your rack equipment.
  • Multiple airflow CFM choices to control temperature.
  • Durable long life ball bearing design.
  • Noise level from <30 dBA
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  • UL

Keeping your network equipment cool under controlled airflow is a necessity. Not only do you allow your equipment to perform at an optimal level, but you also save yourself the headache of not causing a major malfunction to your whole network. Rack fans play a key role in network cooling.

Part # Description Weight Price
MA-QFAN 4.5" Quiet Fan 50CFM 1.4 lbs
Manufacturer Direct

General Features

  • These Middle Atlantic fans are ideal for cooling your wall mount or cabinet enclosures.
  • Fans are relatively quiet, 115 Volt with a choice of airflow of 50 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and 95 CFM.
  • UL rated in the US and Canada

      Features for MA-QFAN

  • 115Volt Fan rated at 50 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is our most quiet fan
  • This quiet fan includes a fan guard and has a black powder coat finish
  • The noise level is LESS than 30dBA with measurements taken one meter from the source centered horizontally or vertically
  • The fan is designed for durability with smooth ball bearings
  • Rated in the US and Canada to meet UL file #E89936
  • Able to be used in the following Middle Atlantic products, as well as many others (depending on the cutout, as shown in the specifications)
    1. DLBX DVR lock Box and VLBX VTR lock Box
    2. MW-4FT-380 CFM and ERK-4FT-285CFM fan tops
    3. QFP-1(one fan) and QFP-2 (2 fans) black annozided fan panels
    4. QTFP-1 and QTFP-2 black textured powder coat fan panels
    5. MW-4QFC (four fans) and ERK-4QFT-FC (three fans) integrated fan tops with thermstatic fan control
    6. SCQ Series monitoring consoles and SCQRK Series enclosures (both UL listed)
  • PART # DIMENSIONS Voltage Current Speed Noise Static Pressure
    in H2O
    MA-QFAN 4.69" x 4.69" x 1.5"
    [119mm x 119mm x 38mm]
    115V 80mA 1450rpm <30dBA 0.07 50CFM


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