Middle Atlantic Cable Chase

Provides Ample Space for Cable Management and Routing


What's special about these cable troughs?

Many network enclosures and cabinets come equipped with cable management and routing accessories, but many times there is a need for more than what's provided. The Cable Chase from Middle Atlantic expands a single enclosure or rack to provide additional room on one or both sides for large cable bundles and trunk cables. This innovative design can also provide a usable trough between cabinets ganged together in multi-bay applications.

Part # Description RMS Depth Range Fit Price
MA-CC-44-36 77" Cable Chase 44 26" - 27" MRK-4436, DRK19-44-36, VRK-44-36H
Manufacturer Direct
MA-CC-44-312 77" Cable Chase 44 31" - 32" WRK-44-32, MRK-4431, VRK-44-31H, DRKXX-44-31
Manufacturer Direct
MA-CC-44-267 77" Cable Chase 44 36" WRK-44-27, MRK-4426
Manufacturer Direct
Part # Description Price
MA-GANG-10 5/16" Ganging Hardware (flange nuts and bolts) - 10 Sets
Manufacturer Direct
  • Available in 3 sizes to accommodate enclosure depths ranging from 26" to 36" deep.
  • Reversible mounting capability allows for use on either or both sides of your enclosure.
  • 77" (44 RMS) height provides full-length enclosure coverage.
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel with a black powder coat finish to protect and prolong the channel's strength and integrity.
  • Simply mounts with 5/16" ganging hardware for an easy to install solution.
  • Dimensional Drawings (PDF) PDF

    MA-CC-44-36 44 77" (1955.8mm) 4" (101.6mm) 26" - 27" 34.80 lbs 16 AWG Black Powder Coated Steel
    MA-CC-44-312 44 77" (1955.8mm) 4" (101.6mm) 31" - 32" 35.20 lbs 16 AWG Black Powder Coated Steel
    MA-CC-44-267 44 77" (1955.8mm) 4" (101.6mm) 36" 35.90 lbs 16 AWG Black Powder Coated Steel
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