Vierti™ Single-Touch Light Dimmers

Unsurpassed Beauty and Style


What's special about these light dimmer switches?

  • Single-touch lighting control allows you to choose the perfect brightness with just a slide of your finger on the LED bar.
  • LED bar is longer than most standard dimmers which allows you a greater range for selecting that perfect level of lighting, and makes this one of the best precision lighting controls on the market today.
  • The beautiful and unique look of Vierti™ light dimmers will add flair to your home or office and will be sure to impress anyone who comes in contact with them.
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ULCSA Approved

Vierti™ light dimmers have a distinctive and highly attractive style that can be customized to fit any décor. With interchangeable LED bars and wallplates, you can change the look of Vierti™ to match your personal style. These dimmers are available in both single-pole or multi-location models to be used with either incandescent/halogen, magnetic low volt, or electronic low volt lighting.

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Incandescent / Halogen Lighting, Magnetic Low-Voltage Lighting
Part # Description Watts / Volts Plate Color Led Color Price
LU-VT-1000M Vierti™ Single-Pole/Multi-Location Single-Touch Dimmer, Matte Finish 1000W / VA White, Black White, Blue, Green
Metal Wall Plate
Part # Description Watts / Volts Plate Color Led Color Price
LU-VTW-1 Vierti™ Single-Gang Metal Wall Plate for Dimmers, Companion Dimmers, Satin Finish N/A Satin Chrome N/A

* Suggested maximum lighting load for magnetic low-voltage dimming is 450W for 600VA products and 800W for 1000VA products to allow for transormer losses
** Electronic low-voltage products require neutral wire connection.

  • Features an Advanced Programming Mode (APM) to customize the dimmer's setting to meet your exact personal preference; for example, you can set the maximum light level to 85% to automatically save 15% on energy.
  • The amber glow of the on/off status indicator makes the Vierti™ dimmer simple to find in the dark, and the faint glow of the LED bar (even when off) indicates the previous light level used for fast and easy reference.
  • Audible feedback lets you know when the dimmer has been engaged and is ready for operation.
  • Companion models are available for multi-location dimmers, so you can control the light level from up to 4 additional locations in the room.
  • Dimmer includes one matching single-gang Screwless wall plate
  • Advanced Programming Mode (APM) Features:
    • Set the maximum power level for automatic energy savings
    • Choose the brightness of the LED bar
    • Save your favorite light level
    • Safety feature allows you to set a personalized off timer, so you can cross a room safely at your own pace before the lights go out. For example, you can set the lights for a small hallway to shut off in 10 seconds, or for larger room you can set it to 70 seconds.
    • Extend your lights' fade on timer by 0-5 seconds
    • Extend your lights' fade off timer by 0-15 seconds
    • Turn the audible click on or off


Power 120 V - 60 Hz; 277 V - 60 Hz
Operating Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage Temperature 32° to 185° F (0° to 85° C)
Relative Humidity 90% non-condensing (maximum)
Ratings UL 1472
CSA C22.2 #184.1
ASTM E 308-99
ASTM D4674-89
Overall Dimensions 4.56" H x 2.75" W x 1.50" D


Vierti dimensions

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