Leviton Vizia+™ 1000W/1000VA Incandescent/ Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer

Designer LED Digital Dimmer Precisely Controls and Dims Your Lights


What's special about the Vizia MLV Dimmer?

  • Can be used with incandescent lighting, 120V halogen fixtures, or low voltage magnetic transformers in your home or office for a sophisticated look that enhances any décor.
  • Equipped with a green LED locator to help you find the control in the dark.
  • The dimmer can work as a single pole dimmer, or to create a multi-location dimmer circuit.
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The Vizia™ 1000W-120VAC Incandescent Dimmer has a designer look that gives a sophisticated modern and beautiful appearance to your home or office.

Part # Description Color Options Dimensions Weight Price
LE-VPM10 Vizia 1000W Dimmer w/ switch cover color set options White/Almond/Ivory or White/Light Almond/Ivory 1.75"W x 4.13"H x 1.03"D 0.5 lb.
Manufacturer Direct
  • Each dimmer control has a high gloss finish in white, and includes a prepackaged color kit in either ivory and almond or ivory and light almond.
  • Return to neutral push pad for easy operability
  • All Vizia controls have the same dimensions, so that they line up evenly on the wall for an attractive appearance.
  • Allows you to choose from 7 light intensities and brightness levels with the brightness control bar.
  • The last setting used is indicated automatically by just touching the push pad.
  • Easily fits into a standard single gang 18 cubic inch wall box for easy installation.
  • Provides power failure memory, so if the power is interrupted, the dimmer will set back to its last setting when the power returns.
  • Provides transient surge protection to IEC Level 4
  • RFI filter is integrated to remove interference from radio, audio and video equipment.
  • Used for any environment within the temperature range of 32°F - 131°F (0°C - 55°C)
  • Includes 4 wire leads for line, load, remote and ground
  • 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty to be free from defects and workmanship
  • ISO 9001 registered

    These versatile dimmers can be used with low voltage magnetic transformers, as well as with incandescent and 120V halogen fixtures. As with all Vizia style dimmers, there is an LED locator and brightness display on the front of the device. They are made to coordinate with the complete Leviton line of Vizia™ and Vizia +RF ™ lighting controls. You can use these controls in either commercial or residential applications.

    dimensional drawing for vizia dimmer

    Load Type: Incandescent or Magnetic low voltage
    Minimum Load: 40W
    Maximum Load: 1000 W/1000VA
    Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz
    Light: LED locator and brightness display
    Temperature Range: 32°F to 131°F ( 0° to 55° C)
    Rating Standards:

    UL 1472
    IEC Level 4
    CSA Standard C22.2 No. 184-M1988
    California Title 24 2005
    MIL-STD 105
    ANSI Z1.4
    FCC Compliance Part 15 for class B
    NOM Certified



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    How-To Corner



  • Vizia +™ dimmers must be used with compatible Vizia+ remotes for multi-location dimming. Standard 3-way or 4-way switches are not compatible with these dimmers.
  • You can mix Vizia and Vizia RF devices in multi way circuits but only RF devices will send Z-Wave commands that are radio frequency commands.
  • These dimmers use Decora or Decora Plus™ screwless wall plates, sold separately.

  • Notes for a Safe installation:
  • Always install electrical equipment following the electrical codes and regulations for your geographic area.
  • Use with incandescent or 120V halogen fixtures or low voltage magnetic transformers only to avoid any damage or overheating of your appliances.
  • Use only copper or copper clad wire when installing your Vizia dimmer.
  • Recommended wall box depth is 2.5" for insertion of the dimmer.
  • Total minimum load required must be at least 40W.
  • There is a maximum of 5 LED dimmers that can be installed in one circuit.
  • It is normal for dimmers to feel warm during operation.
  • Always disconnect power at the circuit breaker or fuse box before installing any electrical device including dimmers.
  • Further details on installation can be found in the installation manual (see below).

  • Maximum Load Per Dimmer For Multi Device Applications: If you are installing in a multi device application in one junction box, the reduction of the dimmer's wattage capacity will be necessary.

    For Incandescent installations:
  • Incandescent dimmers are rated in watts (W)
  • Single incandescent load maximum is 1000W
  • 2 device incandescent maximum is 800W
  • More than 2 device incandescent maximum is 650W

  • For Low voltage Magnetic installations:
  • Low voltage magnetic dimmers are rated in volt amps (VA)
  • Single magnetic low voltage load maximum is 1000VA
  • 2 device magnetic low voltage load maximum is 800VA
  • More than 2 devices magnetic low voltage maximum is 650VA

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