Watt Stopper DW-100 Dual Technology Wall Switch Sensor

PIR and Ultrasonic Technology for Complete Coverage


What's special about this sensor switch?

  • Innovative dual technology takes the best of ultrasonic and passive infrared sensors and merges them into one for precise coverage and superior motion detection.
  • Low profile design is versatile and attractive, as well as easy to install in single gang wall openings.
  • Proprietary SmartSet technology is able to sense and select optimal settings for each room.
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The Watt Stopper SmartSet™ technology is built into the DW-100 and will keep a constant watch on your controlled area, actually identify usage patterns and automatically adjust the time delay for optimal energy efficiency.  SmartSet can even differentiate electrical noise from human motion for greater accuracy.

Part # IMG Description Length Width Height Color Price
WS-DW-100 Watt Stopper dual technology wall switch Watt Stopper Dual Technology Smart Set™ Wall Switch Sensor 2.73" L 1.76" W 1.83" H White, Ivory, Light Almond, Gray, Black
Manufacturer Direct

The best of both worlds - Legrand combines the benefits of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies to automatically control lighting based on occupancy. High sensitivity to small and large movements, an attractive design, and a host of features make this a must have for the energy conscious consumer.

  • Choice of Automatic-ON or Manual-ON operation allows you to select what you need.
  • Featured Detection Signature Processing is built in, prevents false triggers, and protects from RFI and EMI.
  • Operates at 120/230/277 VAC
  • Walk-through mode makes potential energy savings even greater.
  • Tamper and vandal-proof lens combines precision with rugged durability for long lasting use.
  • Select the audible alert feature to hear when the lights will be shutting off before they do.
  • Four occupancy options allow you to select the lighting you need.
  • The override feature allows you to use your sensor switch manually in the event of a failure.
  • Meets with NEMA WD 7 guideline utilized for coverage testing
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Available in white, light almond, ivory, gray and black to match your décor.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

    This dual technology operates by detecting Doppler shifts in transmitted ultrasound and passive infrared heat fluctuations. You control the technology and settings with easy to manipulate DIP switches.

  • Ultrasonic sensing with a frequency of 40 KHz
  • SmartSet™ technology will automatically fit occupant usage patterns.
  • Activate SmartSet with a DIP switch
  • Sensor shall utilize Zero Crossing circuitry to reduce stress on relay and therefore increase sensor life.
  • Sensor will not protrude from wall more than 3/8” and will have a color coordinated matching lens.
  • Sensor shall feature a walk-through mode, where lights turn off three minutes after the area is initially occupied if no motion is detected after the first 30 seconds, set by DIP switch.
  • Sensor shall cover up to 1,000 sq. ft. for walking motion, with a field view of 180 degree.
  • Each sensing technology shall have a LED indicator that remains active at all times in order to verify detection within the area to be controlled.

    Ideal for use in:

  • Small and executive offices
  • Small and medium conference rooms
  • Lunch rooms
  • ADA Compliant buildings

  • Cut Sheets (PDF) PDF
  • Specifications - DW-100 Dual Technology Wall Switch Sensor (PDF) PDF

    Voltage (V) 120/230/277 VAC, 50/60Hz
    Loads Limits for each relay @ 120 VAC, 0-800 W ballast or tungsten,1/6 hp
    @ 230 or 277 VAC, 0-1200 W ballast
    @ 347 VAC, 0-1500 W ballast
    Incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic or electronic ballast
    Horsepower Rating (each relay) 1/6 HP @120VAC
    Time Delay Adjustment 5 to30 minutes
    Walk-Through Mode 3 minutes if no activity after 30 sec.
    Test Mode 5 sec. at initial power up or DIP switch reset
    PIR Adjustment High or Low (DIP switch)
    Ultrasonic Adjustment Minimum to Maximum (trimpot), Off
    Frequency 40 KHz
    PIR Minor Motion 20' x 15'
    Ultrasonic Major Motion 20' x 20'
    Ultrasonic Minor motion 15' x 15'
    Light Level Adjustment 8 fc to 180+ fc
    Alerts Selectable Audible
    US Patents 5189393, 5640113, 6617560B2, A4787722
    UL and cUl listed
    Dimensions L x W x D 2.73"L x 1.76"W x 1.83D (69.3mm x 44.7mm x 46.5mm)
    Warranty 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


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