Vanco Blue Jet™ HDMI Audio/Video Cable (and A/V Cable with Extender)

When Only the Highest Quality Audio and Video DIgital Transfer Will Do


What's special about these HDMI cables?

  • Transmits clear uncompressed digital video and multi-channel audio on one cable, ensuring you have a high quality transmission and no excessive amount of cabling
  • Versatile cables allow you to connect to various high definition resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and standard video format
  • Backwards compatibility means you can use these cables for the technology of today as well as future technology compatible
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These Blue Jet™ HDMI cables from Vanco provide you with a digital signal format, developed primarily to implement HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) and allow you to have complete access to high-definition digital recordings. The HD capabilities of these cables make them perfect for connecting HD-TVs and displays to HDMI components such as Blu-Ray™/HD DVD™ digital DVD players, Digital A/V receivers and other equipment with HDMI connections.

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Price Table #2
Part #DescriptionLengthWidthDepthWeightPrice
VAN-HDMI144HDMI Audio/Video Cable, Black12"7.5"7.5"0.78 lb
  • Constructed and engineered to ensure that there is minimal, if any, noise or EMI
  • Able to support various computer resolutions: UXGA (1600x1200), SXGA (1280x1024), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600), VGA (640x480)
  • 120 day manufacturer warranty


  VAN-HDMI36 to VAN-HDMI600 (3' to 50' cable)
Connectors 24K Gold Plated
AWG 26 AWG Durable Cable (3', 6', 12')
24 AWG Durable Cable (25', 50')
Cable Shielding Triple Layer
  [2] 100% Aluminum foil Mylar
  [1] Tinned copper braid
Center Conductor Oxygen free copper (3', 6', 12')
Dual silver plated copper stranded separate center (25', 50')
Jacket Smooth black PVC jacket with molded ends
Cable Diameter 8.3mm O.D. (3', 6', 12')
10.5mm O.D. (25', 50')
Ratings, Listings UL Listed E139956
CL3 Rated (25', 50')


hdmi cable construction

Insulation (3): HDPE, ø0.7±0.05, black/red/white/gray/purple
Conductor (3): 7/0.127 tinned copper
Conductor (1): 1/0.45 silver plated copper
Insulation (1): FPE ø1.25±0.05, 4 pair (white/white + green strip, white/white + blue strip, white/white + red strip, white/white + black strip)

Conductor (2): 7/0.127 tinned copper
Insulation (2): HDPE, ø0.7±0.05, yellow/orange 1 Pair
Filler: Glass fiber
Shield (1): Al foil mylar (501-016)
Shield (2): Al foil width = 2.2mm
Shield (3): 24/10/0.10 tinned copper, braiding
Drain: 7/0.127 tinned copper
Jacket: PVC (204-N888-58), matte black





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