HDMI Extender Kit Over 2X CAT5e Cables

Use Cat5e or Cat6 Cables to Transmit HDMI Audio & Video


What's special about this HDMI extender?

  • Extends your HDTV signal up to 100 feet away from the source, so the location of your display is almost limitless.
  • Signals are transmitted digitally over Cat5e or Cat6 cable for zero signal loss and better picture quality.
  • HDMI cable is attached to transmitter and receiver, which saves money on costly coax cable and time during setup.
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Transmit HDMI signals over two Cat5e or Cat6 cables to extend your High Definition display up to 100 feet away from the HDTV source without any signal loss. With no power cords to attach, this extender won't leave you with any messy cables to clean up.

Part # Description Weight Price
VAN-280552 Vanco HDMI Extender Kit Over 2X CAT5e/6 Cables 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct

Thin compact design can be easily hidden from view, or stored right in your component rack.

Supports HDMI and DVI audio and video to maintain perfect picture and sound clarity.

Utilizes PoE technology, so no power cord is needed - you won't amass a collection of cables.

Supports high definition resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, as well as standard video format - a great choice for many formats.

HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Compliant


Part # VAN-280552
Weight 0.52 lb
Unit Dimensions (w/ cable) 1.375" W x 0.875" H x 13" L
Transmitting Length 100 feet
High Def Resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and Standard Video Format
Separate Power Supply No
CAT5e Compatible Yes
CAT6 Compatible Yes
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