Black Box Audio Plugs, Jacks, Posts, and Couplers

Everything You Need to Make Audio Connections


What's special about these audio connectors?

  • Selection of premium-quality connectors from Black Box: choose between Banana Plugs, RCA Jacks, Binding Posts and Deluxe RCA Female/RCA Female Audio/Video Couplers.
  • These audio connectors allow you to work on bulk installations of specialized audio connections.
  • With their 24 karat gold plating these connectors prevent corrosion and minimize signal degradation during audio transmissions.
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Connect audio devices with Black Box Audio Plugs, Jacks, Posts, and Couplers. These quality connectors are perfect for your bulk cable installations, and will give you everything you need to make your specialized audio connections. The 24-karat gold plating in these connectors ensures better signal transmission and no corrosion. The shielding and heavy gold conductors provide improved performance.

Part # Description Weight Qty / Pack Price / Pack
BB-FA871 RCA-F to RCA-F Coupler 0.3 lb 1
BB-FA873 Speaker Banana Plugs, Gold 2-Pack (Black/Red) 0.1 lb 2
BB-FA875 Speaker Binding Posts, Gold 2 Pack (Black, Red) 0.5 lb 2
  • Compact design for installation in tight spaces next to audio equipment
  • Ideal for equipment connections in home theaters, conference rooms, or training centers
  • Double Diamond Warranty

    Deluxe RCA Female/RCA Female Audio/Video Coupler is a gold plated coupler that joins two RCA male cables. This coupler minimizes signal degradation from your high-end video, audio/video, and audio/stereo equipment.


    Banana Plugs come in pairs and are ideal for speaker connections. They have gold-plated contacts and their assemblies ensure solid, reliable, and high-quality speaker connections. You need to use two screws to hold the cable core and jacket to the plug. They are field terminable and made in two pieces

    banana plugs

    RCA Jacks support RCA plugs in the front and rear, and make the right audio connection. Can be used with any RCA audio cable. These jacks snap securely into any GigaStation Wallplates

    rca jacks

    Binding Posts are color coded gold-plated contacts that ensure easily identifiable solid, reliable, high-quality speaker connections. They accept banana plugs or bare wire. These posts snap securely into any GigaStation Wallplates

    binging posts
    Part # Connector Type Shipping Dimensions Weight Qty / Pack
    BB-FA871 RCA-F to RCA-F Coupler 1" L x 1" W x 1" H 0.3 lb 1
    BB-FA873 Speaker Banana Plug 7.7" L x 4.6" W x 0.50" H 0.1 lb 2
    BB-FA875 Speaker Binding Posts 8" L x 5" W x 1" H 0.5 lb 2
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