GEM Electronics Baluns

Save Up to 60% in Material Cost Using CAT5 Versus Coax with These Baluns BNC Plug to Toolless


What's special about these baluns?

  • Transmits the signal up to 2,200 feet
  • The baluns use one pair per camera instead of one coax per camera which means you get four cameras on one CAT 5 cable
  • Ultra miniature enclosure means your job looks organized and neat
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The CCTV Baluns allow base-band composite video signals to be transmitted over a single unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP) for more versatile cabling. The CCTV Balun eliminates the more expensive coaxial cable, including coupling signals from remote video cameras to display systems, video capture, security and surveillance monitoring applications.

Part #DescriptionWeightPieces/PackPrice
GEM-BLN-BNCJKSBNC Jack to RJ45 Jack Keystone Type0.08 lb1
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GEM-BLN-RJ45PTBNC Plug to RJ45 Jack 6" Pigtails1.8 lbs1
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  • This process sets you up for future IP installation
  • No AC power batteries needed
  • Bi-directional signal conversion
  • One year manufacturer warranty


CCTV Balun Toolless


  • 2,200 feet with passive balun
  • No tools required to install
  • May be used on CAT3, 5 or 6
  • Very cost effective – reduces CCTV installation



Balun Installation

CCTV Over Twisted Pair and GEM Baluns
Benefits to Dealer in Using CAT5 & GEM Baluns

  1. They use 1 pair per camera instead of 1 coax per camera. That means 4 cameras on 1 Cat5 cable
  2. They can have longer runs, GEM’s balun go 2200 feet
  3. They cable may already be there
  4. Sets the installation up for future IP

Here is a basic 4 camera installation, lets say 1,000 feet:

diagram showing cameras with baluns to dvr
  • No AC power batteries needed
  • Bi-directional signal conversion
  • Ultra-miniature enclosure







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