High Flow Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing

Join Multiple Wires with an Impenetrable and Waterproof Seal


What's special about this heat shrink tubing?

  • Has a high viscosity hot melt adhesive that flows through gaps in bundles for a secure and weatherproof connection.
  • High flowing adhesive provides superior strain relief for bundled cables.
  • Clear tubing has color dashes on it to easily identify the size of the heatshrink using standard AWG colors.
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This high flowing adhesive heat shrink tubing is ideal for joining multiple wires or cables. The very active hot melt adhesive flows between wires and cables to create a weatherproof seal that is highly puncture resistant and provides a superior strain relief.

Part # Description Length Diameter Color Price
NSPA-HST540C-48 High Adhesive Flow Shrink Tubing 48" 0.220" Clear w/ White Dashes
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NSPA-HST541C-48 High Adhesive Flow Shrink Tubing 48" 0.300" Clear w/ Red Dashes
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NSPA-HST542C-48 High Adhesive Flow Shrink Tubing 48" 0.350" Clear w/ Blue Dashes
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NSPA-HST543C-48 High Adhesive Flow Shrink Tubing 48" 0.450" Clear w/ Yellow Dashes
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  1. Shrinks 4:1 ratio so it can be used on multiple cables and provide a tight seal.
  2. Color coded dashes on clear tubing for easy identification.
  3. Strong adhesive and polyolefin tubing combined create a puncture resistant.
  4. Operating temperature from -55°C to 110°C (67°F to 230°F)
  5. Ideal for use on:
    1. Joining multiple wires
    2. Identifying wire gauge
    3. Color coding wires or wire combinations
    4. Waterproofing permanent connections
    5. Creating sealed splices


Ordering Size Minimum Expanded I.D. Maximum Recovered I.D. Nominal Recovered - Wall Minimum Recovered Outer Wall Color Code
0.220 0.220" 0.045" 0.030" 0.027" Yellow
0.300 0.300" 0.060" 0.033" 0.028" White
0.350 0.300" 0.080" 0.038" 0.033" Green
0.450 0.450" 0.105" 0.043" 0.053" Red


Tensile Strength 2450 PSI
Ultimate Elongation 475%
2% Secant Modulus 16,500 PSI
Longitudinal Change +0%, -10%
Specific Gravity (Outer Wall) 0.97
Heat Aging 135°C (Adhesive softens)
Thermal Cycle 5°C to 135°C
Vibration 24 hours
Cold Flex -30°C
Dielectric Strength (Outer Wall) 500 V/mil
Dielectric Withstand 1000 volts AC
Current Leakage < 0.250 microamps
Auto Fluid Compatibility 8 fluids

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Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)

The ratio of how much oxygen - as compared to other gases - needs to be present in the air surrounding a particular material in order for that material to burn. The fact that Earth's normal atmospheric air contains around 21% oxygen is used a reference point when materials are classified into burn categories that are based on Limiting Oxygen Index. Substances that are combustible in air containing less than 21% oxygen are considered flammable, while those that burn in the range of anything greater than 21% but less than 28% are typically labeled "slow burning". Any material with an LOI that exceeds 28% is classified as self-extinguishing.

In the table below, you'll find a list of polymers commonly found in our heat shrink tubing and braided sleeving products, along with their LOIs and the burn categories each falls into.

ECTFE (Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) Halar 64% Self Extinguishing
Nomex N/A 28% Slow Burning
Nylon 6:6 N/A Ranges fron 24-29% Slow Burning to Self Extinguishing
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Mylar (film), Dacron (fiber) Ranges from 21-34% Slow Burning to Self Extinguishing
Polyethylene (PE) N/A 17% Flammable
Polypropylene (PP) polythene (in the UK) 17% Flammable
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Teflon 95% Self Extinguishing
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) N/A Ranges from 45-49% Self Extinguishing

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I need a larger diameter , 3/4 to 1 inch water proof heat shrink for a submersible well electrical cord.

Asked by Anonymous user on 04.07 PM Friday, 23 June, 2017

  • - Hello, the manufacturer offers; HST808B-6 pre-shrink id is 0.800? and recover ID is 0.200? and HDT809b-6 Pre-shrink ID is 1.100? and recover ID is 0.370?. Please call us toll free at 866-222-0030 to place an order or for any other questions about this product.

    Anonymous user on 12.08 PM Tuesday, 27 June, 2017

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