Tie-Matic XL-2 Model 510

Save Money, Reduce Injury, Tie Faster


What's special about this tie machine?

  • Twist-tie up to 30 extension cords, uniform hanger sets, bags, hoses, or aircraft wire harness assemblies per minute.
  • Works with diameters ranging from 1/2" - 2".
  • Reduces worker fatigue from repetitive motions.
  • Built-in counting mechanism monitors productivity.
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  • UL

The Tie-Matic XL-2 twist tie machine is ideal for bundling wire, cables, and other bulk products with diameters of 3/8" to 2".

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Part # Description Shipping Weight Price
PT-510 Tie-Matic XL-2" Bench Model
Includes: Break Arm Assembly, Chutes-channel (dictates the length of twist ties), Ribbon Guide
80 lbs
Part # Description Shipping Weight Price
PT-505R033 Pedestal Stand with XL-2 Bracket (Optional) 120 lbs
PT-56108 Horizontal Mounting Frame 10 lbs
PT-K001090 Digcart Digital Printer Kit 7 lbs

Twist-Tie Spools – 4000' Plastic/Paper 24 Gauge 5/32" width – case (5 spools)
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50 lbs

Tie-Matic Machines are well-suited for the bundling of Cables, Coils of Wire, Hoses, Cord Sets,Wire & Harness Sub-assemblies. The semi-automatic twist tie machine delivers up to 30 tied bundles or bags per minute with minimal effort. Simply insert the bundle at the front slot to trigger the tying mechanism and get a perfect twist tie. The ergonomic design of the XL-2 Tie-Matic improves employee safety and increases productivity.

  • SPEED: Faster than tedious hand tying
  • SAFETY: Ergonomically designed
  • COST-SAVINGS: Semi-automatic, standardized packaging with 2 ½ secure twists per bundle
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Production Counter can be used as a management tool for daily productivity analysis
  • Durable, all metal frame
  • Production Counter
  • UL Listed
  • Proudly made in the USA US flag
  • Applications:
    1. Extension Cords
    2. Battery & Ignition Cables
    3. Aircraft Wire Harness Assemblies
    4. Telecommunication Cables
    5. Uniform Hanger Sets
    6. Hoses
    7. Heavy Mil/Thick Poly Bags
    8. Bag in Box Applications: powders, soap, plaster

    Part # PT-510
    Capacity Variable 1/2" thru 2"
    Tie Length 3-1/2" - 9-1/2"
    # of Twists 2-1/2" full twists
    Speed 45 ties/minute
    Spool Size 10" x 4" wide (2000' - 4000')
    Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz 4.6 amps
    Weight 60 lbs
    Length 40"
    Height 17-1/2"
    Width (at top) 14"
    Width (at front feet) 16"


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    Warranty Policy:

    Purchaser acknowledges that there are no warranties, expressed or implied, made by Plas-Ties, its distributors or sales representatives related to the Tie-Matic twist tying machine except the manufacturer’s warranty against defective materials and workmanship as follows:

    Plas-Ties warrants the machine to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at time of delivery. Liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or exchange of any defective part or parts of the unit providing same is returned to Plas-Ties, transportation prepaid, within 180 days, or 300,000 hits for Tie-Matic machines (model# 603, 604, 608 and XL-2) from the date said unit is delivered to original owner.

    The warranty is void on any Tie-Matic machine that has been subject to negligence, accident, misuse, failure to use the equipment as instructed in the manual, or that has been tampered with, modified or repaired with other than genuine Plas-Ties replacement parts.  The warranty postcard must be sent back to Plas-Ties to be filed for tracking purposes.

    This warranty is void if Tie-Matic is used with anything other than genuine Plas-Ties twist tying material.

    IMPORTANT: If your Tie-Matic does not operate properly, please bring it to the attention of Plas-Ties, or the dealer or distributor from whom it was purchased. If repairs are needed, the dealer, distributor or other representative of Plas-Ties will arrange to repair or replace parts within the terms of the warranty.

    Warranty coverage is limited to the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

    Digital Printers
    The warranty on the digital printer accessory also carries a six-month warranty from date of shipment.

    Repaired Machines
    Warranty policy on repaired machines is 90 days, or 150,000 hits on replaced parts and labor from the date said unit is delivered to original owner.

    Reconditioned Machines
    Warranty policy on reconditioned machines is 90 days, or 150,000 hits from the date said unit is delivered to original owner.

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