Mille-Ties Cable Ties

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There are Cable Ties, and Then There are Mille-Ties!

Millie-Tie and quick-release

When it comes to methods for bundling and organizing cables, cable ties can be one of the simplest and most straightforward solutions available to you. Cable ties are often a natural choice because of their cost effectiveness, versatility, and ease-of-installation factors. Unfortunately, although they do get the job done, both standard nylon and stainless steel cable ties can present a risk of over-tightening. To many people, over-tightening may not sound like much of a threat, but it can potentially cause damage to cable jackets, as well as the kind of pinching that can inhibit proper data signal transmission in both Cat6 and fiber optic cables.

Fortunately, there is a special breed of cable tie designed specifically to bundle sensitive cables with virtually no risk of over-tightening: the Mille-Tie! Mille-Ties are manufactured from a specially patented design, which results in a very strong, yet extremely soft and flexible cable tie. Mille-Ties are able to eliminate tightening damage from your cabling installation simply because they will not allow themselves to lock around cables if excessive force is being used to fit them around a given bundle. In addition, the Mille-Tie design assures that there are no sharp edges to abrade cable jackets, and that the tie's pressure is evenly distributed.

double loop to suspend cables

Aside from treating your valuable cables gently, Mille-Ties offer another unique feature: they prevent waste. Unlike standard single-use ties, which need to be cut off of cables, Mille-Ties are easily removable and reusable! Mille-ties also do not require a locking head…they are able to engage at any point along the length of the tie. After a locked Mille-Tie is trimmed, the excess can be used for successive ties, until it runs out.

Mille-Ties are also available in a variety of grades and specs to meet the standards of any cabling installation: StandardMille-Tie Standard Cable Ties, for basic general-purpose uses, as well as Heavy Duty, UL 1565 Plenum-rated, and Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen to suit applications with more stringent safety demands.