Anamet Anaconda Sealtite® Type RWA - Reduced Wall Flexible Aluminum Flexible Metal Conduit

Easy to Handle Non-Jacketed Lightweight Aluminum


What's special about this aluminum flexible conduit?

  • Easily installed continuous interlocking aluminum strips for strength and functionality.
  • Cuts 80% faster than steel conduit, to save you valuable time and money.
  • Lightweight (66% lighter than steel), so it's easy to carry onto job sites.
  • Resistant to corrosion for long life in any environment.
  • Maintains flexibility and has high crush resistance for unmatchable cable protection.
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  • RoHS CompliantUL

Anamet RWA Conduit is manufactured from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy which is helically formed into a continuously interlocked flexible metal conduit that is amazingly strong and has the ability to withstand impact and crushing forces.

Part # Description Length Approx Weight (Per 100 Ft) Price
ANA-441513 1/2" Anamet Flexible Reduced Wall Aluminum Non-Jacketed Conduit 100' 9.5 lbs
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RWA stands for "reduced wall flexible aluminum", a type of conduit that maintains the strength and durability of steel, but is significantly lighter, which makes it easier to work with and allows electrical contractors to run hundreds of feet of conduit when installed in accordance with NEC Article 348.30 and other Articles to support the weight.

Applications: Commercial and industrial applications in which conduit is not required to be watertight, but UL approval is needed

  1. Meets UL Listed Standard #1, File #E98045, NEC Article 348, Permitted to be used in exposed and concealed locations (Article 348.10); enclosed motor leads (Article 430.245 (B); taps to lighting fixtures not to exceed 6' (Article 410.67(C); elevators, elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts (Article 620.21); fixture whips (Article 410.77)
  2. Perfect for tight installations, thanks to a small bend radius.
  3. RoHS compliant
  4. For use with connectors intended for NEC Type FMC (Flexible Metal Conduit).
  5. Uses standard flexible metal conduit connectors which makes it easy to use anywhere, no special parts to order.
  6. Designed for commercial and industrial applications in US market.


Material Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Temperature +500° F (+260° C)


Part # Electrical Trade Size ID Min ID Max OD Min OD Max Bend Radius Approx Weight (per 100 ft) Std Coil Length
ANA-441513 1/2 0.625" 0.645" 0.86" 0.92" 3 9.5 lbs 100'
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Hand Cutting Aluminum Flexible Conduit:
  • Putting electrical tape around the point to cut will avoid the conduit from un-winding during the cutting process.
  • Cut through the center of the tape using a hacksaw, 32 teeth per inch, no set. This can be done with a saw or mitre box for a more square cut.

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