Racks and Enclosures Features & Benefits


Innovative Solutions for Space Restricted Environments

  • Slide-out and rotating equipment racks provide increased serviceability when rear access is not available
  • 54 rackspace enclosures for installations where floor space is an issue, but ceiling height is not
  • Pivoting racks provide easy access to equipment connections
slide out rack with feet

Time Savers

  • Rackrail is labeled in rackspace increments, facilitating easy equipment alignment and is finished in durable e-coat guaranteeing no clogged threads
  • Pre-installed washers and self-guiding pilot-points on 10-32 threaded rack screws save valuable installation time
  • Ganging holes on selected enclosures (MRK, DRK, VRK, VMRK and WMRK Series) allow racks to be joined while fully loaded

Agency Compliancy

  • Most welded floor standing enclosures are UL Listed with a weight capacity of 2,500 lbs
  • Most welded floor standing enclosures are Zone 4 and Seismic Use
  • Group III certified and are now certified to UBC, CBC, IBC, ASCE and NFPA standards
  • Studs provided in base of all welded floor standing racks facilitate the proper grounding and bonding of electrical equipment, as per NEBS and NEC standards
cULus Listed, Seismic Certified, Middle Atlantic bonding


What Does ‘UL Listed’ Mean?
The UL Listing is a rating that certifies a product has been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratories to meet certain safety standards. Underwriter’s Laboratories is the leader in U.S. product safety and certification. The UL Listing is found on the majority of our products, provides the confidence that the product is safe for use, and is often a requirement in many installations. In addition, most welded floor standing Middle Atlantic. Products enclosures have a UL Listed 2,500 lb. weight capacity, ensuring that they can safely protect critical electronic systems. Products with UL Listings that relate to weight ratings have been tested to four times
the published capacity.


What Does ‘Seismic Certified’ Mean?
Seismic certification ensures that the essential equipment housed in the enclosure can survive a seismic event. This is critical in the many seismic areas throughout the world, and is often a requirement in other installations as well. Most welded, floor standing Middle Atlantic Products enclosures are seismic certified at no extra charge, which ensures that they provide the structural integrity needed for your installation to meet UBC, CBC, IBC, ASCE and NFPA standards.


drawing of knockouts

Electrical knockout plates are now split and provide knockouts for UHF/VHF antennas as well as 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1 1/2” electrical knockouts.

rack panels

Each rack top features an opening that accepts a variety of top options including top mount rackrail.

rackrail brackets allow adjustments
Rackrail brackets feature infinite adjustment as well as fixed rail positions, and provide convenient cable tie points. Mix threaded 10-32 rackrail and cage nut style rackrail in-line, does not need to be offset!
enclosure with lift-off panels
Convenient lift-off side panels allow easy access to components and cables, and feature an outside keylock for security.
spring-loaded hinge pin Spring-loaded hinge pin allows quick removal and reversal of flush mounted rear doors.
door hinge
Convenient surface mounted metal hinge provides front door mounting without the need for equipment removal.
rear door with vents
Rear doors on select racks (WRK MRK, ERK Series) feature knockouts on top and bottom to accept fans, vents and filters.
door locks on enclosure
Standard locking rear door includes spring-latch, stays closed without a key.