Tips for Protecting Cables from Traffic



On the job, you and your employees will likely come in contact with some type of cable. You want to take all precautions about the safety and placement of the cables. Whether the cable is in your home, car, or business, it should be protected from human traffic, weather conditions, and any other type of element.


Protecting Cables from Car Traffic

cable guard cord protectorIf you anticipate lots of car traffic over your cables, it’s wise to plan ahead with durable cable covers.  You need to allow for cars to roll over the cables without harming the cables.  Leaving the cables exposed could cause them to wear down or corrode. The Cable Guard is an excellent choice for car traffic protection. It is easy to set up and has a convenient button-down lid for easy insertion and removal of cables.


Your Industrial Business and Cables

Keeping your business site up to safety standards and running smoothly is very important. In order to avoid any lawsuits against you or your business, you must follow all safety precautions in the placement of your cables, and also make sure all cables are working properly.

Cable covers are available for your business if you have high pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Perhaps you have forklifts or other heavy machinery running over your cables constantly. Cable covers will help to eliminate hazards such as tripping or falling over cables as well as prevent damage to the cables from traffic.

For heavy-duty machinery traffic or forklift traffic, there are Yellow Jacket cord protectors that can endure extreme pressure without harming your cables. These enable you to organize and protect more than one cable at a time and provide safety from tripping as well.  These work great in an industrial or commercial setting.

To protect your cables from power loss there are surface raceways, wire ducts and cable trays. Cable clips and ties are available for your business to secure cables to areas that reduce the risk of physical contact.

Heat shrinking tubing can be used for electrical cable insulation, mechanical protection, corrosion and abrasion protection, moisture and weather sealing. If your business has cables located outside in the direct sunlight, you can purchase cable wrap. With this wrap you can bundle and protect your business’s cables from UV rays and other extreme temperatures.


Cables in Your Home

surface racewayIf you have cables running from your TV, telephone and stereo, you might want to purchase a raceway. This will eliminate cable clutter that might cause danger to you when you are walking. The raceway is simple to install and can be placed around your walls or your floor to run your cable through. You can even choose a color for your raceway to match your home décor.

Cables are in your home and workplace everyday. It is up to you to ensure that safety is involved when and where they are being used.

Other Great Products for Protecting Your Cables from Traffic Include: