Hiding Cables in a Computer Lab

BY: CableOrganizer.com


When you are teaching in a computer lab, you usually have many students and computers in your classroom. This means there will be quite a number of cables and wires along the floor. You are concerned about your students who are always in a hurry, not paying attention, and sometimes stumbling over the computer cables. There are many products available that will give you a solution to your problem.


Preventing Tripping Accidents in a Computer Lab

Cable covers such as Floor Cord Covers are exactly what you need for this problem. They are very easy to install and are designed to protect your cables from harm and eliminate early replacement. The covers are very economical and will easily fit into your school’s budget.

You can choose cable covers to match the carpet in your classroom, and if safety is a big issue, a bright yellow color is available. The covers are also slip resistant, and this will reduce the chance of tripping accidents.

There is also a product available called Cable Caddy Desktop Organizer that can clear up each student’s clutter that lies under their desk. This product will give your students a place for all their cables, power strips, modems, and any other small devices they might have lying on the floor. This will greatly reduce students from tripping over cables and other devices that might slip out from under their desk.  Also, your students will be able to label the cables they plug into the device with color coded labels.


Organizing Cables in the Computer Lab

Since the cables on the computers in your lab are changed often, you can use VELCRO® Brand cable ties because they can be easily refastened and will not damage your cables. VELCRO® is also available in a variety of colors and this will make organizing your cables much easier.

Another great product for organizing cables in your computer lab is braided sleeving. Braiding sleeving is expandable and this will allow you to slide the sleeving over a large cable or a bundle of cables.

Cable clips, ties and straps will enable your students to secure their cables and also to bundle multiple cables. These products will keep the cables neat and organized. In your lab where your computer network is constantly changing, cable ducts are available to help route your cables and make your lab work much easier.

With all the products available to assure safety for you and your students, your computer lab can become accident-free.

Other Great Products for Childproofing Your Cables Include: