How to Terminate your Expandable Braided Sleeving

You want to organize your wires and cables: you've got the braided sleeving and are ready to begin; but how do you terminate the ends? Basically, there are four ways to do it:

  1. With Tape
  2. With Cable Ties
  3. With VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® cable wraps
  4. With Heat Shrink Tubing


1. Tape

braided sleeving

Number one is the most economical and least time consuming way of terminating expandable braided sleeving. It simply requires some color matching electrical tape and a pair of scissors. Just run your cables and/or wires through the sleeving and terminate the ends with a piece of electrical tape tightly wrapped around. Alternatively, you can use the tape and wrap the braided sleeving around it. See pictures.

2. Cable Ties

cable ties

The second way to neatly terminate the end of your braided sleevings is to use cable ties. Also inexpensive and sold to match your different colored expandable sleevings, cable ties are a quick and easy way to secure braided sleeving. Especially convenient if you don't plan on reworking your cable or wire assembly often. colored cable ties are great for project cars. Like electrical tape, cable ties are not reusable.

3. VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® cable wraps

velcro wrap

Another very affordable and more versatile alternative is the use of VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® cable wraps. Again, they allow for a tight and secure termination of braided sleeving, but unlike the previous two examples, they are reusable. This allows you to rework your cable and wire assemblies as many times as you want or need. Better yet, for those of you who need to rework repeatedly your network assemblies, we highly recommend the use of PET Wrap expandable braided sleeving. It combines the properties of expandable sleeving along with VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® cable wraps. Even though it is a slightly bigger initial investment, overtime it is a definite money saver.

4. Heat Shrink Tubing

terminate sleeving with heat shrink tubing

Last but not least, we have the heat shrink tubing. It is by far the neatest way to accomplish end termination of braided sleeving. A bit more time consuming because of the shrinking process with a heat gun, it is ideal for applications that require a high continuous operating temperature and weather-proofing, such as the ones in the aviation and automotive industries. It also gives great cosmetic advantages for the auto and computer project fans around the world.