PRO 500 Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Carpet Tape for Your Extreme Jobs


What's special about this adhesive tape?

  • PRO500 series is double coated with a highly aggressive adhesive for carpet hold-down, especially designed for the convention industry.
  • Tape has a high grade silicone coated polyethylene liner that makes it easy to unwind and release.
  • Adhesive cotton cloth tape comes in natural color and is designed for residue-free removal.
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This tape features an industrial design for use indoors or outdoors at high temperatures up to 200° F.

Part # Size (Per Roll) Thickness (Not Incl. Liner) Color Weight Qty Price
PTS-PRO-500W-225 2" Wide x 25 yds 11 mils (0.28mm) White 1.16 lb 1
PTS-PRO-500B-225 2" Wide x 25 yds 11 mils (0.28mm) Blue 1.16 lb 1

The main uses are carpet hold-down for conventions and mobile classrooms, aircraft manufacturing and construction, and other general purposes such as mounting and frames, cables, signs, and more. The LDPE liner provides high tack control and facilitates a better grip of the tape while preventing any undesired tearing.

  • Great for mounting or adhering raceway, cord covers or wire duct.
  • Liner thickness is of 11.0 mil 0.28mm, and tape has a steel adhesion of 40oz per inch for general mounting and holding.
  • For more extreme tasks, choose Pro 500W (white liner) for heavier jobs where a more aggressive adhesive is required – 13.0 mil (not including liner).
  • Heat resistant up to 200º F
  • Adhesive on woven cotton cloth provides great shear resistance, which is much better than film back or paper tapes.

  • PRO 500B Technical Data Sheet (PDF) PDF
  • PRO 500W Technical Data Sheet (PDF) PDF

    Part # Thickness
    (not including liner)
    Adhesive Adhesive
    Adhesion to Steel Tensile Strength Tack (Rolling Ball) Max. Operating Temp.
    PTS-PRO-500B-225 11.0 mils (0.28mm) Rubber 10.0 mils
    40 lbs oz/in
    44g/mm (PTSC-1)
    20 lbs/in
    0.36 kg/mm
    (ASTM D-1000)
    2", 5.1cm (PTSC-6) 200°F
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