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What's special about these retractable power reels?

  • Provides an instant power or light source anywhere in your workshop or garage
  • Cord retracts for easy storage using a spring latch or hand crank
  • Easy wall and ceiling mounts give you easy access and free up floor space(excludes portable models)
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ReelCraft’s power cord and light reels come with a variety of outlet and lamp styles to meet your needs. These durable and easy to mount reels accommodate various lengths of cables from 16 to 10 AWG and are designed to keep cables up and out of the way to keep your work area safe and free of tripping hazards.

Light Duty
Part #DescriptionRatingCurrentDriveAwg SizeLengthWeightPrice
RC-LD2040-163-2Electric Cord w/ Fluorescent Light120 V0.3 ASpring16/340'11 lbs
RC-LD2030-163-9Electric Cord w/ Triple Outlet125 V10 ASpring16/330'9 lbs
RC-LD2030-143-9Electric Cord w/ Triple Outlet125 V13 ASpring14/330'10 lbs
Medium Duty
Part #DescriptionRatingCurrentDriveAwg SizeLengthWeightPrice
RC-LG3050-163-8Electric Cord w/ Fluorescent Light120 V10 ASpring16/350'13 lbs
RC-LG3050-143-9Electric Cord w/ Triple Outlet120 V13 ASpring14/350'14 lbs
RC-LG3040-123-9Electric Cord w/ Triple Outlet120 V15 ASpring12/340'15 lbs
RC-LH2080-143Electric Cord w/ (4) Outlets on the Reel120 V10 AHand Crank14/380'15 lbs
RC-LH3100Electric Cord w/ (4) Outlets on the Reel120 V15 AHand Crank10/3100'13 lbs
Heavy Duty
Part #DescriptionRatingCurrentDriveAwg SizeLengthWeightPrice
RC-L-4545-123-7Electric Cord w/ Duplex Outlet125 V15 ASpring12/345'29 lbs
RC-L-5550-123-7Electric Cord w/ Duplex Outlet125 V20 ASpring12/350'47 lbs
RC-L-4050-163-1Electric Cord w/ Incandescent Light125 V13 ASpring16/350'26 lbs
RC-L-4050-162-2Electric Cord w/ Fluorescent Light125 V0.3 ASpring16/350'26 lbs
RC-L-4545-123-3Electric Cord w/ Single Receptacle125 V15 ASpring12/345'25 lbs
RC-L-4035-163-3Electric Cord w/ Single Receptacle125 V13 ASpring16/335'25 lbs
RC-L-4050-163-3Electric Cord w/ Single Receptacle125 V13 ASpring16/350'26 lbs
RC-L-5550-123-3Electric Cord w/ Single Receptacle125 V15 ASpring12/350'47 lbs
  • Built-in circuit breaker protects your attached equipment from overloads
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion and scratches
  • Keeps extension cord cables out of the way to make your workspace a safer environment
  • Compact body takes up very little space

  • Available in light, medium and heavy duty models to handle a wide variety of jobs and jobsites:
    • Light duty models (LD):
      • Designed for jobs with less strenuous uses and applications
      • Constructed of steel and robotically welded for durability
      • Ideally mounted overhead for ceiling mounting
      • Housing constructed of lightweight powder coated steel for durability
    • Medium duty models (LG):
      • Provide greater length and thicker gauge cables for moderate duty applications
      • Allows for more mounting options, including ceiling and wall
      • Constructed of lightweight impact resistant composite material for durability and ease of handling
      • Can be detached from mounting brackets for portability
    • Portable medium duty models (LH):
      • Designed for ultimate portability with carry handle and base
      • Outlets are built into the body of the reel for easy access
      • Includes hand crank for feeding or retracting the attached cord
    • Heavy duty models(L4000 & L5000):
      • Constructed of heavy gauge powder coated steel for durability
      • Frame is robotically welded for added strength
      • Easy to mount design can be mounted to wall, ceiling, or workbench


Ideal for use in:

Part # Accessory Cord Length Voltage Current Cord Thickness Cord Type
Light Duty
RC-LD2040-163-2 Fluorescent Light 40' (13m) 120 V 0.3 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTW
RC-LD2030-163-9 Triple Outlet 30' (10m) 125 V 10 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTW
RC-LD2030-143-9 Triple Outlet 30' (10m) 125 V 13 A 14 AWG (2.08 mm) SJTW
Medium Duty
RC-LG3050-163-8 Fluorescent Light & Outlet 50' (12m) 120 V 10 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTW
RC-LG3050-143-9 Triple Outlet 50' (15m) 120 V 13 A 14 AWG (2.08 mm) SJTW
RC-LG3040-123-9 Triple Outlet 40' (12m) 120 V 15 A 12 AWG (3.32 mm) SJTW
RC-LH2080-143 Four Outlets 80' (24m) 120 V 10 A 14 AWG (2.08 mm) SJTW
RC-LH3100 Four Outlets 100' (30m) 120 V 15 A 10 AWG (5.37 mm) STW
Heavy Duty
RC-L-4545-123-7 Duplex Outlet Box with GFCI (F) 45' (14m) 125 V 15 A 12 AWG (3.32 mm) SJEOW
RC-L-5550-123-7 Duplex Outlet Box with GFCI (F) 50' (15m) 125 V 20 A 12 AWG (3.32 mm) SO
RC-L-4050-163-1 Incandescent Light 50' (15m) 125 V 13 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTOW
RC-L-4050-162-2 Fluorescent Light 50' (15m) 125 V 0.3 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTOW
RC-L-4545-123-3 Single 15 AMP Receptacle 45' (14m) 125 V 15 A 12 AWG (3.32 mm) SJEOW
RC-L-4035-163-3 Single 13 AMP Receptacle 35' (11m) 125 V 13 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTOW
RC-L-4050-163-3 Single 13 AMP Receptacle 50' (15m) 125 V 13 A 16 AWG (1.33 mm) SJTOW
RC-L-5550-123-3 Single 15 AMP Receptacle 50' (15m) 125 V 15 A 12 AWG (3.32 mm) SJEOW

* Note - All cords are included





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