Rack-A-Tiers Thomas Wheeler Coil Spinner

Hang Your Spool of Cable Horizontally for Easy Wire Pulling


What's special about cable spool?

  • Easy-to-hang wire dispenser suspends a spool of cable horizontally, making it easier to pull from.
  • Collapsible design takes up very little space and only requires only seconds to set up on a jobsite.
  • Coil dispenser helps eliminate waste by providing smooth, tension-free pulling to reduce the risk of kinks, twists or breaks in the cabling.
  • Compact and lightweight device can hang from 2x4 beams in new construction applications, or from a tee bar on a ladder.
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When installing cable behind walls or ceilings, in new or old construction, you always want to be careful not to break or over-bend the cable while pulling it out of the box or from a spool. The Thomas Wheeler picks the spool up off the ground and allows it to rotate as you pull cable, providing a smooth, damage-free installation.

Part # Description Weight Price
RAT-19455 Rack A Tiers Thomas Wheeler Coil Spinner 6 lbs
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  • Rugged design will stand up to multiple uses from jobsite to jobsite
  • Spinning spool allows for easy cable feed-out, and also makes clean up easy by re-spooling leftovers with a simple twist.
  • Saves you time and money by cutting down on installation hours and materials.
  • Perfect for Romex, MC cable, Flex conduit and more


Material Disc: Plastic PVC
Yellow Bracket: Steel
Color Black and Yellow
Dimensions of Disc 20' D X 2" H
Dimensions of Bracket 24" L
Weight 6 lbs.


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Questions & Answers


What all sizes of M c cable will it hold I use any from 12/2 up to 10/4

Asked by Anonymous user on 07.36 PM Saturday, 26 August, 2017

  • - Hello, This will work fine for 12/2 up to 10/4.

    Anonymous user on 03.24 PM Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

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