MaxCell Fabric Innerduct 3" 3 Cell

The Worlds Only Flexible Fabric Textile Innerduct Designed Specifically for the Network Industry

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What's special about this fabric innerduct?

  • Manufactured from polyester monofilaments, this woven sleeve innerduct has been designed to make the most of the space within cable conduit in outside plant applications
  • Design reduces surface contact during cable pulls, which lengthens the life of your cabling
  • Each rope has a colored stripe for quick and easy identification
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The MaxCell Fabric Innerduct is available in Standard, Plenum, Riser and Detectable versions. This Maxcell innerduct is an innovative solution for the large-scale and often complicated issues that engineers, contractors, and network providers are often faced with. Allows you to easily identify your cables and keep them separate witin cabling conduits.

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Standard 3" 3 Cell
Part #LengthColorsWeightPrice
MX-C3456500500'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White60 lbs
MX-C345610001000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White98 lbs
MX-C345626502650'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White270 lbs
MX-C345653005300'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White487 lbs
MX-C34561000010,000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White840 lbs
Detectable 3" 3 Cell
Part #LengthColorsWeightPrice
MX-D3456500500'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White60 lbs
MX-D345610001000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White98 lbs
MX-D345626502650'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White270 lbs
MX-D345653005300'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White487 lbs
MX-D34561000010,000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White840 lbs
Plenum 3" 3 Cell
Part #LengthColorsWeightPrice
MX-P3456500500'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White60 lbs
MX-P345610001000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White98 lbs
MX-P345626502650'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White270 lbs
MX-P345653005300'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White487 lbs
MX-P34561000010,000'Black, Blue, Red Stripe on White840 lbs
Riser 3" 3 Cell
Part #LengthColorsWeightPrice
MX-R3456500500'Black, Blue, Red60 lbs
MX-R345610001000'Black, Blue, Red98 lbs
MX-R345626502650'Black, Blue, Red270 lbs
MX-R345653005300'Black, Blue, Red487 lbs
MX-R34561000010,000'Black, Blue, Red840 lbs
Part #DescriptionContent(S)WeightPrice
MX-CIK11MaxCell Single 1800lb Swivel(1) 0.875" Diameter Swivel1 lb
MX-CIK21MaxCell Double Pull Swivel(3) 0.875" Diameter Swivels
(1) 2-way chain harness
3.5 lbs
  • Designed for use with 3" or larger conduits
  • Perfect for pulls under 1000 feet in length
  • Maximum flexibility and lightweight design allows for installation in small or confined spaces
  • Thanks to the use of fabric, the sleeves and cables are able to conform and maximize space inside your conduit; a vast improvement over rigid innerduct
  • Reduce the total number of conduits required for new network construction, because more cables fit inside fewer conduits
  • Flat design makes it an easy product to store, handle, and ship
  • Protects against moisture, chemicals and ultraviolet light, which helps to protect your valuable cabling
  • Versatility of installation – two methods available:
    • Traditional pulling into the conduit
    • Air blown method
  • Factory lubricated for quick, easy use
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


MaxCell innerduct has been used around the world, to the tune of over 100 million feet. It has been successfully installed for applications that include:

  • Cable TV
  • Telecom
  • Power/Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • University, Corporate, and Hospital campuses
  • Military and Government installations


This is an excellent choice when your application calls for a cable sleeve within conduit. Unlike rigid innerduct, which will not conform to the shape of the cable, this product allows you to maximize space because none is wasted on empty gaps.

  • Melt point of 419° F which is almost double the melting point of HDPE
  • Resistance to ground chemicals and petroleum products makes it a great for protecting critical cabling
  • Pre-lubricated from the factory for lower friction during cable installation
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Plenum and Riser
These are Low Smoke Zero Halogen versions for use in general wiring. The innerduct sleeves provide many avenues of low friction for the installation of multiple cables in a variety of building environments: air handling spaces, raised floors, cable trays and riser ducts.

Plenum & Riser rated sleeves make it feasible to have incremental allotments of cables and quick removal of obsolete and abandoned cables.

  • Compliant with UL 2024A standard
  • UL 2024A, approved Plenum-rated pull tapes are factory lubricated, installed and color coded for easy cell identification during installation
  • It's easy to install cabling because the amount of pulling tension required is drastically reduced compared to other innerducts or conduits
  • You can add to your installation after the job is done. Install some cables now, install more cables later
  • Simple to switch out cables should the need arise in the future
  • View Plenum MaxCell Pricing
  • View Riser MaxCell Pricing


Detectable MaxCell is similar to the standard MaxCell, the only difference lies in the inclusion of an 18 gauge solid copper core tracer wire which is inserted in the edge for use in underground utility location.

This embedded copper will not fall out, entangle or impede cable installation, nor increase cable pulling tensions. The creative design of this product has made it so that the wire is protected and so are your cables, which means detectability is ensured for years after the initial install.

This is a reliable method for locating cables deployed in buried conduit, which can be burdensome to have to dig up to locate. Simply use any industry standard toning equipment to find quickly and easily.


Product Length Type of Reel Reel Size Weight (Reel & Product) Maximum Product on Reel
500 feet Wood 33" H x 15" W 60 lbs 1,250 feet
1,000 feet Wood 33" H x 15" W 98 lbs 1,250 feet
2,650 feet Wood 33" H x 15" W 270 lbs 4,400 feet
5,300 feet Steel 72" H x 22" W 487 lbs 7,100 feet
10,000 feet Steel 72" H x 45" W 840 lbs 13,500 feet


Standard MaxCell Specifications

Specific Gravity 1 - 1.13
Melting Point 419° F (215° C)
Flash Point  > 200° F
Health Hazards None known
Protective Gloves As required
  Value Test Method
Breaking Strength 2,530 lbs ASTM D 2256
Hydrocarbon Resistance  < 7.5% Tensile Loss Bellcore 356 4.3.2
Fungi Resistance pass ASTM G21
Halogen Content Halogen Free, 0.00% MIL PRF 85045 F
Oxygen Index 22 to 24 ASTM D2863


Detectable MaxCell - Wire Data

AWG 18G TFN Solid Copper Core
Nominal OD 78 mils
Color Green
Max Voltage 600 V
Insulation 15 mils Vinyl
Ampacity 6


Plenum MaxCell

UL Standard UL 2024A, control number 8MA2
  Maximum Flame (UL2024A, Sec 8) 4.50 FT
  Propagation (UL2024A, Sec 8) 0.06
  Peak Optical Smoke Density (UL2024A, Sec 8) 0.02


MaxCell Quick Installation Instructions

  1. Create a two inch incision, roughly 18" from the end of the MaxCell pack. Pull out and cut off approximately two feet of pull-tape. This will allow the pull tape ends to retract back into the cells.
  2. Work with close to six feet of pull tape and tie a non-slip knot to the incision. Then tie 3 to 6 half-hitch knots down to the end of MaxCell. Apply vinyl tape over all knots and the end of MaxCell.
  3. Using a bow line knot, tie a swivel to the end of 3 feet pull tape. For multi-pack installations one swivel is sufficient, but stagger each MaxCell pulling head.
  4. Using a bow line knot, attach the pull rope located in the rigid conduit to the other end of the swivel.
  5. Install MaxCell.
  6. Leave 3 to 5 feet of excess MaxCell in each manhole. Approximately 1-2 feet from the end of the conduit, cut a 2" incision in the edge of MaxCell then tie off to a stationary object located within the manhole.
  7. Cut the MaxCell fabric above the incision; do not cut the pull tapes located within the cells. Leave 3-6 feet of pull tape in the manhole for cable installations.
  8. At the opposite manhole gently pull MaxCell tight and tie off using procedures #6 & 7 above.
  9. Install cables using standard cable installation techniques. Lubrication is recommended.







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Questions & Answers


is maxcell safe from rodents or ants?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07/4/2017 9:42 AM

  • - Hello, Maxcell is made to be rodent and pest resistant.

    Anonymous user on 07/5/2017 1:42 PM

We had a contractor cut our duct bank with Maxcell 3" 3 cell innerduct in it. Can we pull out and patch the innerduct or do we need to replace?

Asked by Anonymous user on 07/13/2017 10:17 AM

  • - Unfortunately there is not a field splice or repair for Maxcell Fabric inner duct. The Maxcell can be replaced or possibly the contractor could install a pull box or splice vault where the cut occurred.

    Anonymous user on 07/14/2017 12:46 PM

Is the inner duct conduit?

Asked by Anonymous user on 10/27/2017 11:57 AM

  • - No, this goes inside of conduit. It is made of mesh fabric.

    andrew b. on 11/2/2017 4:50 PM

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