How to Prevent Computer and Data Theft

By: CableOrganizer®

From banking and shopping to researching and applying for jobs, pretty much every aspect of our daily lives has become faster and more convenient with the help of computers. Yet every day, computer owners around the world learn that the conveniences of technology can — quite literally — be stolen from them. Between the virtual theft of personal information and the material theft of laptops and desktop PCs, our computers can also put us at great risk for loss.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your identity and personal property from falling into the wrong hands. In addition to electronic safeguards like firewalls, filters and anti-virus software, you can find many other safety devices that physically prevent theft and block unauthorized access to your computer drives, personal records and online accounts.




Byte Brothers' Lok-Kit I™ helps you thwart would-be PC thieves by giving you the power to lock down computer components right at — or to — your workstation. Made up of a flexible steel cable, keyed padlock, and lock plates backed with industrial-strength adhesive, the Lok-Kit I™ lets you choose exactly which computer parts and peripherals to secure. It gives you the flexibility to merely lock the components together; or attach them to a heavier, more permanent object like a desk. Just peel off the lock plates' backing, apply them where they're needed, loop everything together with the steel cable and then lock it up.






Designed to double-secure your CPU against theft, Byte Brothers' Uni-Kit II™ not only locks your computer tower to your workstation but also defends it against individuals attempting to steal or tamper with memory or other internal components. To start, attach a small steel bonding plate to your tower with the included industrial adhesive, run a steel cable through the plate's grommet, loop the cable around a stationary object and lock its ends. To complete the job, install the kit's security fasteners over case screws, so that they can't be removed for access to internal memory.





laptop box

The cousin of the CPU cabinet we just talked about, this locking laptop cabinet from Black Box® is ideal for college students living in dorms — or people who work in an office but rely on a notebook instead of a desktop computer. Leaving a laptop unprotected in these environments can result in the theft of information or your entire computer, so a secure storage space is always wise. This lockbox can be mounted right under your desk. When you’re finished working, all you need to do is unplug your laptop, slide it into the box and lock things up before leaving the premises.



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