How to Install a 110 Wiring Block


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step 1 of wiring a 110 block
step 2 of wiring a 110 block
step 3 of wiring a 110 block
1. Mount the S110® wiring base and legs onto a suitable mounting surface with the necessary screws and hardware. 2. Remove the S110® wiring base from the legs by depressing the outer 4 fanning strips of the S110® wiring base inward to defeat the leg latches. Pull the wiring base away from the legs. 3. With the S110® base removed, route the cable between the legs.
110 block
110 wiring block
lacing connectors in block
4. Lace the cables through the appropriate openings in the wiring base and snap the S110® wiring base back onto the legs. Push the wiring base onto the legs until the latches “snap” into place. NOTE: For additional security, the assembly can be fastened together using the self-tapping, Phillips-head screws included. 5. Strip back only as much cable jacket as is necessary to terminate the conductors using the Siemon CPT tool or equivalent. 6. Lace the conductors into the S110® wiring base. Pair twist must be maintained to within 12mm (.5") of the point of termination for category 5 installations. Ample channel space is provided to allow jacketed cable to continue close to the point of termination.
punchdown the conductors
how to install a 110 block
connecting block
7. Seat the conductors and trim off the excess wire with the cutting edge of the punchdown tool or equivalent.
NOTE: Be sure that the cutting edge is properly oriented prior to trimming the wire.
8. Visually inspect the conductor and cable placement at this point to eliminate any miss-wires or reversals. 9. Insert a connecting block into the head of a impact tool / punchdown tool.
connecting block
how to install a 110 block
10. Carefully align the S110C connecting block over the wiring base, with the blue marking to the left side of the block (gray stripe down), and seat the connecting block. 11. Label the circuits then slide the designation strip into the S110-HLDR and snap the holder onto the wiring base. Complete the connections using CJ5 series cross-connect wire or S110P patch cables.
NOTE: Remove designation strips prior to removing base from legs.