How to Install a 66 Connecting Block

By: CableOrganizer®



step 1

Mount an S89-type bracket firmly on a properly prepared plywood wall using two wood screws; or alternately mount on a Siemon cross-connect frame.



step 2

Route the horizontal, or backbone cables inside the S89 bracket and feed the cables out either the right or the left side of the bracket as needed.



step 3

 Install the 66 block onto the S89-type bracket.



step 4

Strip back only as much cable jacket as is necessary to terminate the conductors.
Note: Common practice prior to the emergence of category 5/5e cable was to strip back the cable jacket to the side of the block so that no jacket was visible. This practice is not recommended when installing systems where category 5e performance is required. The cable jacket should be left on the cable as close to point of termination as possible.



step 5

Route each pair through the same slot in the fanning strip in its mated state. Separate the conductors of each pair inside the fanning strip and place in the appropriate quick clips. Pair twist must be maintained to within .05 in. of the point of termination for category 5e installations. Check the conductor sequence at this point and correct any miss-wires or reversals



step 6

Terminate each conductor using an S814 impact tool or equivalent.
Note: It is important to keep the S814 tool perpendicular to the block when terminating the conductors. Twisting of the S814 tool while terminating can result in bent pins and subsequent damage to the 66 block.



step 7

Label each block on the fanning strip, designation strips, or cover as appropriate.



step 8

Cross-connect wires should be installed through the same slot in the fanning strip as the horizontal or backbone cable pairs.

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