How to Hide Cables on Harwood Floors

By: CableOrganizer®

Nothing Ruins the Look of High-End Hardwood Floors Like Ugly Cables... Except Maybe Severe Flooding

Hardwood floors. That's how you know you've made it. Having hardwood floors is like having a neon sign that says “I AM FANCY” but way less tacky and desperate. Whether we're shopping for new homes or looking to upgrade the ones we already live in, hardwood flooring is usually at the top of the desired features list. Nobody gets excited about linoleum or carpet, but bring a board of Patagonian Rosewood into view, and prepare to be blinded by the smiles reflected in its glossy finish. Design-wise, hardwood floors are the pinnacle of warmth, beauty and character. And nothing ruins all that wonderfully woody goodness like a bunch of ugly, snaky, tangled cables. Or worse, solid plastic cord covers. Want to keep that hardwood feel but still hide your cables in plain sight? We'll show you how!



floor cord cover

These tough cable protectors may be made of PVC, but they have cleverly disguised themselves as wood grain. They are the chameleons of the cord cover world. Unlike the flexible plastic cord protectors that you're trying to avoid, Floor Cord Covers are rigid, grip the floor without adhesives, and are, dare we say... attractive, with some in a wood-toned hue to disguise into your floor. The floor cord cover kit comes in different sizes and colors, including brown. The kit, which comes in lengths from 5 to 50 feet, includes double-sided tape that can be adhered to flooring.





rubber duct

If you need up to medium capacity coverage for your wires, rubber duct comes in several colors to disguise and protect cables on different flooring surfaces, including hardwood. This cord cover is helpful in homes, offices, parking lots and other places where it’s essential to protect cables from pedestrian and other types of traffic. WireRun® also makes light duty cable protectors in lengths of 2.5, 5 and 10 feet, including a brown cover that blends into hardwood floors.







Flexiduct Cord Covers are capable of camouflaging into the woodwork. With a brown-toned shade among its color choices, this easy to install protector comes in 5-, 6-, 15- and 25-foot lengths. It is UV resistant, which prevents the color from fading. The cord cover is pre-split to install easily, plus it guards wires with flame and abrasion resistance.






neoprene floor cord cover

This Cord Protector and Concealer lets you place cables into the neoprene channel. It lays flat to flooring surfaces the second it comes out of the box. Ideal for home or office use, it comes in common colors that match with both hardwood and laminate floors.







cable shield

If you're looking for a terracotta finish to coordinate with your Spanish or Mediterranean style home décor, give the Cable Shield a shot. The shield is a two-piece, rigid PVC cord cover, available in different widths, a wood grain style, as well as the option of terracotta finish. The underside is coated with an adhesive backing, which locks the cord cover into place on any smooth floor. Able to withstand up to 661 pounds of pressure from foot traffic or heavy furniture, a good size Grizzly Bear could sit on your Shield with no problem. Well, there's certain to be problems if a Grizzly is in your house, but broken Cable Shields won't be one of them!


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