Why Do You Use Cable Tracks and Hose Carriers?

By: CableOrganizer®

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Cable tracks and hose carriers are two types of cable management products that are used to protect critical cables and hoses in industrial and manufacturing settings. Each of them guard wires and hoses that are consistently in motion because of the machinery or robotics that they are a part of.

Cable tracks work to shield cables and wires; and are often made of plastic, metal, or rubber. They are designed to keep cables and wires organized, preventing them from tangling in industrial settings. Cable tracks, also known as cable carriers, cable chains, cable conveyors, cable organizers, cable protectors, cable raceways, cable trays, cable troughs, and drag chains, most importantly keep cables from exceeding their bend radius. Using this cable protection system can lessen wear and tear on wires and cables, because it reduces friction and abrasion against other components.

Cables may additionally be shielded from contaminants, depending on the construction of the cable carrier. They improve safety in the workplace by reducing tripping hazards or entanglement in equipment. These cable protectors are designed to support heavy loads, which keeps cables from being encumbered or damaged because of excessive weight. They also facilitate cable repairs and maintenance, making it easier to access and replace cables.

Hose carriers, also known as hose management systems, support hoses and tubing, safeguarding them from tangling, bending, kinking, damage, friction, and abrasion. Hose carriers, which may additionally be called hose conveyors, hose organizers, hose protectors, hose raceways, hose trays, hose troughs, tube carriers, tube conveyors, or tube management systems, help to guide hoses and tubing along specific paths. Like cable tracks, hose carriers work to prevent hoses and tubing from being contorted beyond their minimum bend radiuses, as well as preventing tripping hazards and damage to equipment. These can manage heavy loads, depending on the construction, with some able to hold hundreds of pounds. The style of a hose tray can facilitate maintenance and repairs of those hoses or tubes on it. Hose carriers are designed to manage the systems that transport different types of materials, including gases, liquids, and powders.

What are the brands of cable tracks and hoses carriers you’ll find at CableOrganizer®?

IGUS® is one, which has been creating connectivity solutions for industrial environments since 1964. Among the products are the IGUS® Triflex® and Energy Chain® lines. The Triflex® EZ-Design has a 360° twisting capability because of its ball-and-socket design, which makes it flexible and easy-to-use. It is impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and dirt repellant. Its high tensile strength and optional routing of force (the ability to route the force generated by a cable or hose carrier system in a specific direction) are among the qualities that make it durable for more than 190,000 extreme cycles. Optional routing of force ensures even distribution throughout the system, while the normal force the cables and hoses generate on the system through their movement, can cause uneven wear and tear on components. It also comes with mounting brackets to guide the Triflex® around extreme turns. The IGUS® Energy Chain® products feature a zipper-like design for quick opening and closing from on top of the chain, to facilitate cable access and maintenance. There are several types of the IGUS® E2 Medium types at CableOrganizer® including the Series 26 Snap Chain Cable Carrier. It has one side link with adjustable loops that easily bundle cables together, which are simple to change out. This results in shorter down times for repairs. This type is useful for office furniture, electrical appliances, computer cabinets, and other places.

Dynatect® is another, which makes the Gortrac® cable and hose carrier systems, ranging from products for light duty commercial applications, to ones designed for heavy-duty industry. Gortrac® cable and hose carriers were first produced in the 1970s, with A&A Manufacturing acquiring the company before Dynatect® took over the product line. There are several models of the Gortrac® Nylatrac™, including the KS, NP, SP, and KL series products. Each of them has non-metallic and non-conductive link designs, made of corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty fiber. The KS products can travel in lengths up to 300 feet, with a trough system recommended for distances beyond 10 feet. NP products feature a 2-inch link height and are suited for high-speed and long travel applications. The SP series works to maintain the appropriate bend radius for air hoses, hydraulic lines, and power and ribbon cables. The KL products feature a trough system that can travel distances beyond 15 feet, with lengths up to 300. It is appropriate for air, hydraulic and electric lines and cables.

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