What IS in that Storage Container?

BY: Christina Hansen


Every business stores items in boxes or drawers. Most businesses have a plethora of storage containers stacked on shelves and, perhaps seldom have to locate these stored items. But when an employee needs to locate one of the items in storage, can it be found quickly? After all, time is money.

Usually, the employee stands in front of a stack of storage containers wondering, "What is in the storage container…or the one underneath?" Time is wasted pulling down containers only to find that the critical object is not in that container but in some other unidentified container. How can this problem be alleviated? It's simple, easy and affordable! A label printer can resolve this dilemma efficiently.

Brother PT-80 Label PrinterBy using a label maker, like the Brother PT-80 or one of the many others readily available, each and every storage container can be clearly marked with the contents. A label printer like this has a QWERTY keyboard to make creating the label easy and simple. A small LED screen lets the user see what has been entered so the printout is correct the very first try. Then, the printer function outputs the adhesive-backed label, usually paper, with the words needed to identify the contents of any specific storage unit.

If you type a letter into the label printer incorrectly, simply use the backspace key to remove the error and enter the correct information. Nothing is printed until all the letters are input, preventing wasted labeling strips. The newly created information is then simply stuck to the outside of the storage container and anyone can see what is inside without opening the top.

Perhaps you are thinking that your regular employees know what is stored in every box, drawer, shelf and cabinet in your workplace. This may well be true, although in most places of employment there is too much material to know where everything is located. But, what happens when your one of your key staff members, perhaps your office manager, is out on medical leave due to injury or illness? You have to have someone fill in that critical function and that person must be able to find things in an unfamiliar environment. Neat, legible labels created by a printer are just the thing to make the situation manageable for a temporary employee.

There are so many handy uses for these pieces of equipment. Labeling storage containers is certainly not the only use you'll find for your device. Have you ever had to disconnect a set of computer cables and ended up wondered what cord goes where when you attempted to reconnect the computer cables? Solve the problem by clearly marking the cords to identify which cable is the mouse, keyboard, LAN connection, video cord and you'll never have a problem again sorting those computer wires.

You'll find endless uses for a handy, affordable label printer. Making a label takes only seconds and can save minutes or even hours later when locating something at a time when seconds may be critical. Don't waste time – and therefore money – when you can identify everything in your workplace easily by clearly marking objects for easy location.



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