The Pros and Cons of Reusable Cable Ties

By: CableOrganizer®

releasable cable ties

Many people turn to the versatile and easy-to-apply cable management products we know as cable ties. While they are extraordinarily helpful, the unfortunate caveat is most of them on the market are only designed for one-time use. Once they are cut, you cannot reapply them. This is where reusable or releasable cable ties step in. What are some of the pros, and cons to using removable cable ties?

Here Are Some Pros

There’s a reason they’re called reusable, which is one of the benefits. If waste pains you, a reusable cable tie may be for you, because they can continually be reused throughout their lifetime. This type of product may cost you more upfront, but in the long run, you could pay less if you find you must frequently cut and toss cable ties. The waste from discarding them could additionally be something you’d like to avert, especially in a world that’s becoming less throwaway with some items. You may consider these ties one small step in being kinder to our planet and resources. The Millepede™ Mille-Ties™ have a looped design with a “no crush” technology. This makes them easy to cut and fit them to your exact specifications. Any leftover piece is still useful and you can create another cable tie with it.

They are typically more flexible than standard cable ties. You’ll find an array of cable tie construction styles among adjustable cable tie varieties. At CableOrganizer®, one of them includes the HellermannTyton® SOFTIX Cable Ties. While durable and tear resistant, their elasticity makes them suitable for sensitive cabling projects, like those involving fiber optics. GripLockTies™ are also adjustable but with a rubber lining to secure cables with the right fit and amount of cushion.

They install quickly and easily. As we mentioned above, there are different cable tie constructions that facilitate both application and removal, whether that is the beading, hook and loop, or other varieties. HellermannTyton® makes one of them in the SpeedyTie™, a lashing tie that sets up fast for temporary applications. It can be released just as instantaneously with one hand. Beaded cable ties have a locking key head that keeps wires snug without overtightening — with tie removal just as effortlessly.

This cable tie variety is gentler to cables. One-time-use cable ties frequently put the squeeze on the cables and wires they are bundling, with overtightening and the potential to cut into cable jackets two side effects. A hook and loop cable tie like the VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® is one way to remedy that issue. It wraps easily and gently around a wire bundle, adhering neatly to itself — and is easy to undo.

They’re not just for bunding wires. Though the same may be said about traditional cable ties, you can use removable cable ties for many organizational projects around your home or workplace. Whether you’re cleaning up the cable clutter around your computer area, tidying wires around your garage, or bundling your garden hose, releasable cable ties are useful for many tasks.

Here Are Some Cons

This type is limited on strength. They are gentler on cables but the reusable cable tie often has a lower tensile strength. For that reason, they may be unable to provide the security and stability in some applications that a traditional cable tie can.

They can be bulkier. With all of the mechanisms that makes them removable, whether that is a zipper style or beading, reclosable cable ties are often less streamlined. For some applications where space is a factor, they may be impractical.

The initial cost is typically higher. If releasable cable ties are out of your budget or you use zip ties infrequently, it may make more sense for you to purchase standard cable ties instead. You will likely pay more upfront for reusable zip ties. It’s a long-term investment for those who toss out an overabundance of cable ties because these can be used repeatedly.

You may not find them as readily. While there is a generous array of releasable zip ties at CableOrganizer®, it’s often much simpler to find traditional zip ties because they are more common.

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