The Latest Trends in Cable Management

By: CableOrganizer®

The technological world moves at the speed of light, with cable management a critical aspect of maintaining a clean, organized, and efficient space. It is important to keep wires in control to prevent trip and fall accidents, as well as to maintain the integrity of the cables themselves. Electronics function properly when their wires are correctly managed, rather than when they are heaped into a tangled pile. It takes both keeping cables in order by properly configuring equipment, and using appropriate cable management products, to organize wires. Whether one is overseeing wire organization at a desk or a data center level, there are some trending products below that can help keep various aspects of your workspace in order.


racks & enclosures

Data centers continue to grow for all industries, especially for mobile phone technologies and wireless internet. They exist in all sectors, such as social media platforms, utility companies, online retailers, and various corporate entities. Data centers require their own infrastructure to maintain the equipment, including electrical and cooling machinery. Many of them implement fiber optic cables for the best transmission, a technology that continues to grow. Experts predict the fiber optics market to have a compound annual growth rate of close to 7% every year until 2030, with it expected to be nearly a $15 billion industry by 2030. Racks and enclosures help to manage the network of cables it takes to keep power flowing through data centers. Cable trays are another essential type of organization tool that keeps this critical technology organized.


HDMI cable

Using the right type of cables make a difference in how your electronics perform. Quality audio/video cables, for example, impacts the transmission of both video and sound. Be choosy about the type of HDMI® cables you select. One type we recommend is the VANCO® HDMI® 4K Cable. These high speed cables are tested for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and are certified to hold up in ultra high definition environments. They are future-proofed, meaning they are ready to work with technology that has not been invented yet.


cable boxes

Disguising cables altogether is another technique to neaten the appearance of a space. This is where cable management boxes have become a trending product choice because they both organize and cover wires and plugs. While surge protectors keep electronic items safeguarded when lightning strikes, and also organize plugs into rows, they can frequently become unappealing in appearance themselves. Surge protectors can sometimes create an untidy look near a desk or entertainment center, because plugs can become congregated in a densely populated configuration. The CableBox from BlueLounge® offers a minimalist appearance to cables and adapters in these corners, simply covering the power strip entirely within a fire retardant plastic box. There are slots in the front and rear of the box where wires enter and exit the CableBox. Should you need to unplug one, simply lift the lid, and remove it.



Another simple solution for organizing cables is to hang them along a wall, piece of furniture, floor, or even within your vehicle. Adhesive backed cable holders are mainly temporary, with self-sticking capabilities on a surface. The soft plastic in these Kendall Howard® adhesive backed cable holders protect cable jackets by gently holding wires into place. BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips are another solution that keeps cables from falling, using the easy-to-install, peel and stick pads.


wireless chargers

Cords for smartphones and other devices can complicate the appearance of a space, whether on a desk, or in a vehicle. A Wireless Charging Station is a sleek-looking apparatus where you can simply place your device to charge it. These Qi wireless charging pads are compatible with different smartphone types, with capabilities to reenergize Android or Apple phones. There are several models at CableOrganizer® available from WireRun®, with two portable and one in-desk, both types taking up a small footprint. The Reverie™ Desktop Wireless Charger stays in place with four gripping pads, charging quickly but with a low heat emission. The Fantasy™ Wireless Charger features a red light that glows in the dark, and lets you know the status of your charge (it stays blue as it is charging). The Utopia™ In-Desk Wireless Charger mounts into a piece of furniture, whether that’s a desk or chair.

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