Productivity on the Go: Retractable Ethernet Cable

By: CableOrganizer®

retractable ethernet cable

There was a time when a certain credit card was the thing you did not leave home without. Times have changed and these days, most don’t leave home without power and charger cords, whether it’s for your cell phone, laptop or other electronics. One of the downsides that can exist with technology is cumbersome cables, but even if you’re working in a stage performance environment, you no longer have to drag around knotted network cables. CableOrganizer® has found a way to get around those cable management issues with a Retractable Ethernet Cable for stage pros from Stage Ninja®. This allows for an on-the-go connection with zero cable clutter.

There are several ways the Retractable Ethernet Cable, which comes in CAT 5e and CAT6 varieties, can make your life more organized; and these include:

No more tangles. This impressive, portable, self-contained system sets up in seconds with no untangling required.

Protection from crushing and abrasion. Its rugged case acts like a mini suit of armor and lets you reel your cable in and out with ease. The case protects the cable and keeps it safe from damage, which can lead to signal failure.

A safe cable bend radius is maintained. Network cables that are sharply bent or coiled too tightly during storage often suffer from attenuation or signal loss. This type of cable damage can lead to two problems: a poor or non-existent Ethernet connection and the expense and inconvenience of replacing a faulty cable. Our Ethernet Cable solves this dilemma by automatically winding itself around the case’s interior spool, which is sized to maintain a healthy degree of curvature for the cord while it is not in use.

A smaller footprint than standard Ethernet cables. Our retractable Ethernet cable is housed in a compact case that dispenses a high-quality Cat5e or Cat6 Cable, that reels back in when the performance is over.

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