RGB Component Video Cables

Cost Effective Cables for Maximum Picture Quality


What's special about these RCA cables?

  • Triple RCA male plugs to triple RCA male plugs are color-coded for ease and function.
  • Provides the best color rendition thanks to the three separate cables.
  • High quality jackets offer maximum noise and EMI reduction for superb performance.
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If you are in search of the best picture that analog video can provide, you have found it. Vanco's RGB component cables are attractive, premium-quality cables which provide high-definition content with maximal fidelity and minimal loss. For amazing results you need component video interconnects which will deliver the full measure of performance. Connects to your VCR, DVD, HDTV, TV satellite receiver, high resolution camcorder, video projectors, and component video wall plates.

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VAN-DVB312X 12' 7.25" x 7.27" x 0.75" 1.0 lb
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  • Excellent for connecting component video technology to your home theater devices.
  • Superior to the other analog signal technologies because it can run any resolution (the others are limited to 480i formats).
  • Several lengths available to accommodate your home theater installation.
  • 120 day manufacturer warranty

    RCA Connectors 24K Gold plated, precision-machined plugs
    Jacket Black PVC, 5 - θ 6.0
    Cable 3 - θ6.0
    75 Ohm, Oxygen Free, Heavy Duty Shielded
    Inner Conductor 5 - (20/0.12 Copper)
    Inner Insulation 5 - θ3.0 FPE (Red/Green/Blue/Red/White)
    Braiding 5 - (16/5/0.12 Copper)
    Frequency Provides low loss signal and video clariy within 100 MHz range
    Conducters 3 RG59 95% copper-braid shielded
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