Stage Ninja® Retractable Ethernet Cables

Rugged, Portable, Retractable Cabling for Stage Pros


What's special about these retractable data cables?

  • Deploys high-quality Cat5e or Cat 6 cable that quickly reels back in when done.
  • Case and thick cable jacket stands up to the tough conditions of performing and touring.
  • Ball stopper prevents cable from being sucked into the case.
  • Ideal for fast setup and breakdown on stage or just for keeping a clean studio or desktop.
  • Has a static end of 3ft with a RJ45 connector
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When setting up for a performance, you always look for ways to make the process faster without cutting corners. Stage Ninja® retractable data/network cables feature ultra-high quality cabling in a rugged case, and reel in and out with ease. These are the perfect cables for touring, performing & any other demanding situation.

Part # Cable Category Retractable Length Connectors Case Price
NIN-CAT6-15-S CAT6, Shielded 15 Feet RJ45 Powder-Coated Black Steel
Manufacturer Direct
NIN-CAT6-40-S CAT6, Shielded 40 Feet RJ45 Powder-Coated Black Steel
Manufacturer Direct
NIN-CAT6-65-S CAT6, Unshielded 65 Feet RJ45 Powder-Coated Black Steel
Manufacturer Direct
  • Contains a bracket for mounting to any solid surface.
  • Portable size is easy to transport and store

    Part # Cable Type Cord Length (retractable) Cord Length (static end) Connectors Length Width Height Weight Housing Country of Origin
    NIN-CAT6-15-S CAT6, Shielded, 500MHz 15 ft 3 ft RJ45 12" 12" 4" 3 lbs Powder-Coated Steel USA
    NIN-CAT6-40-S CAT6, Shielded, 500MHz 40 ft 3 ft RJ45 12" 12" 4" 8 lbs Powder-Coated Steel USA
    NIN-CAT6-65-S CAT6, Unshielded, 500MHz 65 ft 3 ft RJ45 12" 12" 4" 10 lbs Powder-Coated Steel USA
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