Open Frame Racks: Two-Post vs. Four-Post Racks

By: CableOrganizer®

An open frame rack is typically an economical alternative to an enclosure cabinet, but that doesn't mean all open racks are the same. The two main types of open racks are two-post and four-post. Each has its own unique uses and applications. Let's look at what sets these two apart from each other.

two post racks


Open racks are already a more economical choice than enclosures and the two-post rack takes it a step further: it's the economical among the economical. However, since (as the name implies) it features only two posts, its uses are somewhat limited. Two-post racks can only accommodate smaller equipment, like patch panels and switches. As such, you'll typically find these used in small offices — or as intermediary distribution points that support larger scale server enclosure areas.

four post racks


Four-post racks generally have a higher price point and take up more space than two-post. However, they're also usually more stable, with four posts creating a more solid foundation. They also can hold much more than two-post racks, making them much more useful in large-scale server networks. Their weight capacity allows them to mount heavy equipment, such as battery backup units and UPS systems. Four-post racks are far more common in serious network set ups.

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