Don't Let Headphone and Charge Cords Control Your Life

By: CableOrganizer®


What do you do with your iPod's earbuds when you're not using them? What about for your cell phone’s sync cord? Lastly, how about your laptop’s plug?

Tangled, knotted and caught up in everything else is exactly how your cables of all sizes spend their lifetimes when you don’t have a cable management plan in place.

Did you know that by shortening the slack of your cables with a solution from Cableorganizer® not only are you neatening cables, but potentially increasing their lifespan? That’s because there’s a likelihood that delicate wiring can become damaged when cables are knotted and loose in a bag, drawer or any other place where you normally keep them.

There are a few stylish and affordable cable management products from Cableorganizer® to help you take control of your headphone and charger cords.


One of these solutions is the earPod. The people who created it say it was designed for iPod® users by iPod® users. When the earPod is closed, it looks like a large spool; however, one side of the spool rotates open to expose a compartment generous enough to hold your earbuds.

How do you make this efficient item work? Simply wrap your earbud cable around the earPod “spool,” place the earbuds into the center compartment, and then close the case. That’s all it takes to neatly store your earbuds, whether you’re keeping them in your desk, purse or gym bag.

cable turtle

Charge cords, however, aren’t so dainty that they would necessarily fit neatly into the earPod. For this, there’s the effective and vibrant-looking Cable Turtle. Cable Turtle comes in an array of colors, which makes it perfect for a style-conscious person who seeks to coordinate this cable winder with their décor, bag or in their favorite color preferences. It comes in three sizes — mini, small and large — to accommodate items as small as your headphones, allowing you to shorten the cable’s slack.

It is easy to use and is modeled like a turtle’s body with a protective “shell” and two points where your cables can exit. First, push the center of your Cable Turtle to unfold the thermoplastic rubber until it is hourglass shaped, which exposes the product’s core. Then simply wind the cable around Cable Turtle's center and snap it closed. This product lets you simultaneously keep some of your cord length visible and use your charger.

Cable Turtle can be used for different gauge wires as well, including phone wire, CAT 5 cable, and troublesome sync cords, as well as electrical adapter wire. The small cable turtle organizer holds about 5.5 feet of U.S. two-prong wire. The large Cable Turtle organizer can hold about three cords or longer lengths of a single cable.

Plus, it’s as stylish as it is practical, with Cable Turtle's construction so impressive, it’s part of the Museum of Modern Art’s design collection.

cable clip

Another trendy and affordable cable management solutions is the BlueLounge® CableClip™, a must-have for any gadget and gizmo enthusiast. Each set comes in three sizes to accommodate varied cable types, including your headphone and charger wires. It’s easy to use — just insert the cord into one of the two channels and then loop it around until the cord has maxed out the capacity of the CableClip™. To manage longer cords, use more than one clip or upgrade to a larger sized clip.

Wirerun wirless charger

One way to lessen cord clutter is to take it away altogether with wireless chargers. WireRun® has several chargers that plug into a wall or USB port. Simply place phones on top of the Reverie™, Fantasy™, or Utopia™ to charge your phones without bulky wires and power adapters.

Pick up one of these cheap cable management products today from Cableorganizer®, to tame and protect your wiring.

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