3 Clever Cable Management Solution Ideas

By: CableOrganizer®

Simple Cable Management Solution Options for Home and Office

No matter how overwhelming organizing a heap of cables may be, the problem worsens when you need to find a specific cable, remove one, or rearrange any of them. It is important to organize before it turns into a jumble — and if you do not, untangle the cable stack as quickly as possible.

There are some simple organizational options that are easy and quick to apply. Here are three types that can be used for your home or office:

cable ties

The first solution is the always popular cable ties. These are specially designed fasteners that loop around the cables with the end pulled through the head hole, locking it in place. They are available in different materials including nylon, VELCRO®, and metal. Some are reusable, and there are mountable options available as well. Cable ties are useful for projects outside of wire management too, from gardening to hanging various items.

cable clips

Next up, we have cable clips. Like the name suggests, these are small clips that clamp or twist around the cables to secure your bundles as needed. Cables can also slide into the clips, depending on their construction. They can attach cables to walls or other surfaces, with some magnetic. They are available in multiple colors and designs to suit numerous cable types. Clips often allow for easy repositioning if you need to move your cords around, though this can get tricky if using a self-adhesive strip.

braided sleeving

Finally, we have braided sleeving. Much like cables themselves wrap around and protect the wiring within them, sleeves protect bundles of cables. They come in different varieties, from PET expandable braided sleeving to the standard wrap-around split loom, semi-rigid braided sleeving. You can additionally choose other types, like metal and shielding sleeving to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in your A/V cables, and abrasion resistant for outdoor applications.

And there you have it. Just a few ways to tidy up your cable chaos. To find all of these items and much more, visit the CableOrganizer® Cable Management section.

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